Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Sookie vs. the neighbors car

Sookie got hit by a car Monday night and thankfully (being the beast that she is) wasn't horribly injured or killed, but instead got a nice battle scar with some staples up her leg and lots of road rash. However, it was certainly a terrifying experience.

Monday night around 9:30 p.m. I was laying in bed with Sawyer trying to make him go to sleep. Josh was at his town council meeting so I let Sookie hang in our fenced-in backyard so she could have some extra freedom until Josh got home from the meeting and would let her in for the night (she sleeps in the laundry room).

Around 10 p.m. Josh finally got done with his meeting and came in the bedroom laughing and saying, "Sookie got out, and was just hanging in the front yard when I got home. I just got her inside." I thought nothing of it, she has managed to pop open our double fence gate before and we've had to chase after her in the car with a box full of bones to get her home, what I can say, she's a wild chocolate beast.

Just as Josh was getting settled and out of his work clothes, someone came knocking at our front door. Josh grabbed Sawyer's little aluminum baseball bat from the playroom and ordered me & Sawyer to stay in the bedroom, because you never know what is about to go down that late at night when someone is at your door.

It was our elderly neighbor, Mrs. Owens and her boyfriend and they were absolutely distraught. I heard Mrs. Owens say, with a shaky voice, "Josh, we hit Sookie with our car...".

Josh was so confused at first, and said, "Are you sure? I just put her in the laundry room".

They quickly informed him that they hit her around 9:45pm as they were slowing down to turn into their driveway. I heard Mrs. Owens' boyfriend say, "She just came out of  nowhere and she's so dark and fast!". She had apparently gotten hit, and limped back to the yard and that is where Josh had found her when he got home, but hadn't noticed anything wrong with her since it was so dark.

Josh told our neighbors not to worry, that we didn't blame them and that we would get their information so we could fix the boyfriend's Buick (which was dented up pretty good).

Once they left, I came flying out of the bedroom with Sawyer in tow to check on Sookie.

Now that we could really get a good look at her it was obvious she'd been in an accident. She had road rash all over her face, legs and abdomen and her leg had a nasty gash in it that went from her "knee" area to her foot. She was also limping pretty good, which Josh hadn't noticed when he'd carried all 100 lbs of her inside (he didn't have a leash, and she is a fast one).

We immediately called the emergency vet in Greenville and they told us to bring her on in so they could check to make sure nothing was going on internally. We grabbed an old comforter to put in Josh's backseat and Sookie and her daddy headed to Greenville while me and Sawyer waited at home.

Sawyer did fine during all the activity at home, but the second that door shut and Sawyer realized that Sookie was going "to the doctor", he fell to pieces.

He cried and cried (and I did too) saying, "Is her going to die?!", "Why can't I go with Sookie and daddy?", "Why was she 'bweeding'"?".

Sookie is Sawyer's best friend and he just couldn't handle the fact that she was hurt and he couldn't do anything about it.

I didn't know what to do at first. I couldn't guarantee she was going to be okay because we had no idea if her insides were injured or not. So, I told him, "Let's say a prayer for Sookie!" And he immediately said, "Jesus, 'pwease' don't take my Sookie to Heaven, I need her to stay with me."

He calmed down and I held him until he fell asleep then I stayed up reading and constantly checking in with Josh.

Then Josh's phone died and I had no idea what was going on at the vet.

Finally, at 1am Josh came home. Sookie was fine. She got several staples up her leg for the worst gash and they had shaved her hair off around the road rash and treated it. She was a little loopy after some pain meds so she was stumbling around the laundry room sporting a "cone of shame" to keep her from biting and licking the staples and wounds but was doing great otherwise.

So now our chocolate beast is on a round of antibiotics for a week along with some pain meds and anti inflammatory drugs, but she is fine.

Sawyer woke up yesterday morning and the first thing out of his mouth was "Where's Sookie!?!".  He ran to the laundry room and loved on her for awhile then told her "don't die." before heading off to daycare.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Pirate Fest weekend

This weekend was the annual Pirate Fest in Greenville, so of course like any decent member of the Pirate Nation, Josh, Sawyer and I headed downtown to meet up with our tailgate crew and enjoy the festivities. Pirate Fest has tons of things for adults and kids to enjoy from the international fair down by the river to vendors and yummy food on Evans Street and then a beer garden and main entertainment area in the middle of everything. Not to mention our spring football game in the afternoon.

Sawyer obviously not into the picture...

After brunch at Winslow's the ladies and babies (except Sawyer who said, "I don't want to go with the girls!") headed to UBE to stock up on some Pirate apparel, as if we needed any more.

When we returned from our shopping trip, I found my poor ginger baby ready to go home and already turning bright red from the heat despite several layers of sunscreen. We convinced him to stick around awhile and listen to the music and enjoy watching the people dressed as pirates.
my guys watching the music

loving the fierce shade Kate is throwing here for snapping a picture when she wasn't ready

By about 2:00 Sawyer (and his daddy) had enough. Sawyer didn't want to ride in his stroller anymore and it was way too hot to walk around holding him. We headed home and decided the perfect way to cool off was to play with the water hose in the backyard and also bathe the chocolate beast.

I just observed from the hammock...

Monday, April 14, 2014

road weary and college observations

Hi, it's me. The girl at work who is rocking a dirty pony tail (and not a cute one either), an old maxi dress and a cardigan that doesn't quite match the dress. This past week was quite the adventure and I am still recovering.

If you follow me on instagram, facebook or twitter you know that I traveled to five colleges in four days last week for the NC Health Career Expo tour, where colleges that offer graduate and doctoral degrees in health career fields visit NC colleges to promote their programs and recruit students.

Thankfully, I was able to stay with my sister in Wilmington Sunday night for the early morning UNC-W leg of the tour on Monday and with my mom's college roommate, my "Aunt" Denise on Tuesday & Wednesday night for the UNC, NC State and Wake Forest University trips.

I not only heard from some great potential students, but also learned that a lot of things have changed since I was in college....

1. When did Teva velcro sandals become a thing again?

I remember rocking these things as a kid in the 90s but last week I saw a TON of college kids wearing them.

2. No matter how big of a rivalry there is between two schools, students are still smart enough to know even their "enemy" school is also the best option for some programs. 
With ECU offering the only state-supported physician assistant studies program (every other one in NC is at a private school), I was pleased to see that student were very interested in attending ECU for the program, no matter who they pull for during football/basketball season.

3. Advisers apparently aren't telling students that these kind of shorts are not acceptable for medical, or any, career fair.

Seriously, those are her butt cheeks. Wear them all you want to on the weekends or at the beach, but not to meet the person representing the graduate program you want to attend, especially when want to be a dentist. Get it together girl.

4. Students (and adults) don't care about your information as much as they care about your cool giveaway items.
I had more students take our ECU College of Allied Health Sciences pens/styluses than I had students actually taking information about the eight programs we have to offer. Come on folks, at least pretend to read something or take a program sheet when you snatch a pen!

5. Leggings, an over-sized long sleeve t-shirt or spirit jersey with Tom's or Jack Rogers and a North Face backpack or Longchamp Le Pliage bag has become the new college uniform. 

Every preppy girl I saw was wearing some form of this outfit, with most of the t-shirts being from a southern-tee company (i.e. Lauren James, Southern Tide, Southern Proper, or Fripp & Folly). I must admit, if I had the legs of some of those girls I'd be rocking the look too, as long as my t-shirt was big enough to cover my legging-covered hiney.

Another lesson I learned while on the trip? No matter how detailed your "out of office" reply email is, people will still send you emails and expect immediate answers or action. So, excuse me while I go answer 56 emails (which are in addition to the ones I actually answered while on the road) and 12 voice mails.