Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Generation Gap

I have discovered an area that truly demonstrates the difference between my generation and the generation of my grandparents.


Want to see the worst of your church ladies or your grandma's friends? Simply be pregnant around them. You'll learn all about the things you're doing wrong as an expecting mother, how big you are, and advice for raising a child that will blow your mind.

Don't get me wrong, I adore my church ladies. They make me laugh every Wednesday night at choir practice and every Sunday morning, but their ability to insult you with a compliment is at its peak when you have a human growing inside of you, and they know no boundaries when it comes to saying what they think.

Here are a few of my favorite things I've heard this pregnancy and the things I wish I could say back to these ladies... but I don't. I just smile and bear it.

This was actually said to me at my baby shower, which was in September when I was only 30 weeks pregnant. I kindly told the lady "No, he really needs to grow just a bit more before he can come out!" What I really wanted to say was, "Yes, I'd like to end my misery by selfishly choosing to birth my child prematurely, also thanks for noticing how 'miserable' I look."

I hear this one A LOT. Do people not realize how insulting it sounds to say that someone is big, even if there is a baby in there? I usually respond with a nice laugh and a "pretty sure there's just one". I would really like to say, "I am pretty sure there is just one, but man you're even bigger than me, have you got triplets?!"

This one kind of surprised me. I've seen pictures of pregnant women back in Mema's day, they weren't super small, but they also wore those giant mu-mu style smocked dresses and such so their shapes were kind of hard to distinguish. I always want to reply to this one with "They also told pregnant women there was nothing wrong with drinking and smoking 'back in your day'."

I got to hear this one Sunday at our church's homecoming. Seriously. Would you ask a non-pregnant woman to turn around so you could see the side-view of how big her boobs are or a back view to see how wide her butt has gotten? I smiled and turned to the side and received an array of "oh my goodness" comments and "wow you're just one giant blob of belly" but what I wanted to say and what I really should have said was "NO." just "no".

I will admit, this surprised me. I didn't get this question as often with Sawyer, but I guess now with two it is a lot more confusing to people that I am going to go back to work after having Brody. I have absolutely nothing against stay-at-home-moms, but it just isn't a possibility for Josh and me. We couldn't afford our bills without both of our incomes, and daycare isn't that expensive here so it's not like we're paying over $800/month for childcare so missing a paycheck versus paying for childcare would not balance out. I usually just laugh and say "someone's got to pay the bills!" but I want to say "Yes. Unless you'd like to pay our mortgage, hospital bills, utilities, and student loans, so I can stay home with my children?".

As the end to this pregnancy draws closer (I'm full-term this week!), all I can think about is while I am super-duper looking forward to meeting the newest member of our family, I am also super-duper looking forward to having less attention on me.. and my size.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Obnoxious October

This month has been obnoxious. I posted back in the beginning of October that posts would be scarce this month because of my insane schedule at work (which included several big events, grad school fairs, open houses, and lots of deadlines) and I didn't realize how true that would be until I saw that I've only posted 5 times since then, yikes.

Thankfully my big events are FINALLY over! I've got a few work deadlines ahead with some articles due and loose ends to tie up before this baby arrives (which is supposed to be Nov. 20, but homie seems to be looking for an early escape), but other than that things are calming down.

While work is calming down, Relay is just now getting started good. We are under-going a LOT of changes in the way Relay for Life is setup so me and my two other event leaders are super stressed trying to meet new requirements and assure our committee is aware.

We are kicking off Relay for Life 2015 TONIGHT with a Halloween-themed celebration. My friend Caroline and I (and my giant belly) are going as Things 1, 2 & 3 so I am pretty excited. We decided against the giant blue wigs that usually go along with being the beloved Dr. Seuss characters and instead I made headbands with blue tulle inspired by this pic I found on google (except we'll be rocking black pants, the red t-shirts and red & white striped socks).
Sawyer's last soccer game is tomorrow night (which we admittedly pretty happy about since he seems to hate it so much) and then we have Halloween to look forward to.

Hope you all have a happy Monday!

Monday, October 20, 2014


I don't know what to do with my hair... once again. You'll notice that it is in a ponytail of some kind in every bump photo I've posted, that is because it is so long and stringy that it pretty much lacks any style. 

After I had Sawyer, I chopped my hair off (and donated it to Locks of Love) telling myself it would be easier to manage if it was short... I was wrong. Short hair can't be left un-styled and there is no easy ponytail option. I really want to keep my length this time around, but I think I want to try out bangs again. Only different this time.

My junior year of college and shortly after getting married, I had bangs. I bounced back and forth between loving them and hating them and I think it's because I didn't style the rest of my hair to match. 

So, I think now I want the wispy, textured style that would let me have more body and curl to my actual hair too.

Which is also an excuse to get a new straightener for Christmas and learn how to actually give myself those boho/beach-y looking waves.

I am also thinking this hairstyle will have to wait until after I pop out this baby. Bangs plastered to my forehead or sticking straight up in a headband of some kind if not something I want to have to worry about whilst in labor.