Tuesday, September 16, 2014

a name and a nursery!

When we first found out we were having a boy, we had a lot of back and forth about what we would name him. We wanted something meaningful and not-that-common, but we really couldn't decide on a name we both liked.

We knew immediately we wanted "Scott"as a middle name after Josh's granddaddy Scott. But we couldn't decide on a name that went with it. We kind of settled on "Graham" at first, which is not only one of my favorite boy names, but also the name of a preacher who recently passed away that meant a lot to Josh's church and family. But when we put Graham Scott Edmondson together, it kind of sounded like a law firm. So we stepped back and tried again.

One day, I was sitting at my office working on the website when my page link kept linking back to ECU's school of medicine, called the Brody School of Medicine... and it hit me. How about Brody? While it might not be the name of a close family member or friend, it is a name from the university that we are so exceptionally proud to call our alma mater (and will hopefully be the name of school my sweet sissy attends for medical school).

So little nugget now has a name, Brody Scott Edmondson
Even though Sawyer still insists on calling him Rocky....

And on that note, here is Brody's nursery with links below to the DIY stuff!

Get it:
  Red "Ruff N Tuff Tic-Tac"
  Yellow Premiere Prints "Canopy Stripe"
  "On Track - Metropolis" by Jill McDonald
Recovered Bumpers
Crib Skirt

Monday, September 15, 2014

so many wins.

This weekend was full of winning moments. Not only did my ECU Pirates beat Virginia Tech, but I also had 2 baby showers and finished up my last craft for the nursery!

Bright and early Saturday morning (aka at 7am when Sawyer decided to get up), I finally got to work on re-covering Sawyer's old pirate bumper using this tutorial. I have been putting off making the bumpers because I was so scared to actually cut huge hunks from the fabric I ordered, I bet I measured each strip 10 times! No pics of the finished product yet because I ran out of the stupid ribbon I was using for the ties, so come back tomorrow for a full nursery & name reveal.

Saturday afternoon we went to Raleigh for a shower with our tailgate crew. Saturday also happened to be the ECU vs. Virginia Tech game, so even though the shower was supposed to start at 2pm, we ended up not opening gifts until 4:30-ish because we were so busy watching the game!

too busy watching the game for shower business

I did get some great gifts from our friends though and it was wonderful getting to watch such a high-stress game together. We managed to not get any pictures because we were so caught up with the Pirate win!

Sunday we had another shower, this one was at my church hosted by two of my best friends, Dana & Hope and Dana's mom, Mrs. Teresa. While we were calling the shower a "sprinkle" since we don't expect much with this being our second baby and the same gender as our first, our church family, family & friends were too sweet and loaded us with gifts! I spent several hours in the nursery last night putting away diapers, wipes, outfits & bottles! Forgive the quality of the pictures below, they were stolen from Facebook or taken with my horrible phone camera (note to self: stop forgetting your actual camera!)

my MIL, Vivian (with my niece Karlie), Hope, Mrs. Teresa, Me, Dana & my mama

Hope feeling me up putting on my corsage
so much food
the whole driver-side backseat was filled, even with the seat folded down! #blessed
Now that we've got the nursery basically done and all the stuff we could possibly need (save for a few things I need to pick up thanks to some awesome Target gift cards) we are ready for baby. Well ready, but not wanting him to come out for at least 7 weeks!

Friday, September 12, 2014

30 Weeks

I hit 30 weeks yesterday and I am a little bit in shock about it. This pregnancy has just flown by and I can hardly believe that in 10 weeks (or less) Sawyer is going to be a big brother! I haven't done a "pregnancy update" since 20 weeks, so I figured why not do one today?

How far along: 30 weeks

Baby's size: Apparently the size of a head of cabbage, however with this whole sugar issue, he might be a little bigger than most.

Weight gain: 7 pounds. So, this is weird. At the beginning of my pregnancy I lost a lot of weight between sickness and my fight with Gary the Gallbladder and now I am having to watch my carbs and sugars even more closely because of my border-line gestational diabetes status. So while this time last pregnancy I was holding strong at about 30 lbs heavier, I'm just now starting to slowly add some poundage.

disclaimer: I'd already eaten about 12 pieces of broccoli and 4 slices of apple before I took this pic, I promise I'm not starving myself or this baby.

Stretch marks: Oh yes. Like I said before, I had a plenty with Sawyer on my stomach and they haven't gone anywhere so I can't tell if there are new ones there or just the old ones showing up more.

Sleep: What is that? Getting comfortable and actually falling asleep hasn't been going so great since about 26 weeks. Then I frequent the bathroom at least 3 times during the night, so yeah....

Gender: baby boy

Best moment this week: Sawyer has really enjoyed feeling the baby move all around and actually seeing my belly go all crazy, his new favorite thing to say is "Rocky (which is what he insists on calling the baby, but is not baby's actual name) is having a party in there!" It makes me so happy to see Sawyer getting excited about being a big brother.

Looking forward to: TWO showers this weekend and a special weekend we are planning just for Sawyer as his last kind of "hoorah" as an only child haha, you'll hear more about that later!

Food cravings: Anything super sugary. I think this is just because I know I shouldn't eat candy but I have wanted gummy worms, Skittles, Tootsie Rolls and all kinds of candy. And now my mouth is legit watering...

Weirdest food I ate this week: I ate a spoon full of sprinkles. Like cake decorating sprinkles. I saw they were only 3g of a carbs for a tablespoon and I sure did measure exactly that and savor the sweetness.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Not really, if I get too hungry I still get nauseous but other than that, I'm good!

Labor signs: Nope, thank goodness. Hold on for at least 7 more weeks little nugget!

Symptoms: My hips have been bothering me big time lately if I sit too long, so I have been really trying to get up and move every hours at work. And the swelling in my ankles and feet has started, but nothing too crazy.

Workouts: Does chasing after  3-year-old count?

What I miss: Not having to pee every 10 minutes. Between my high blood sugar, hormones, this giant baby mashing my bladder, and drinking around 100 oz. of water a day, I am making constant trips to the bathroom. The admin assistant in our office suggested just moving my desk in there.

Things that suck: My nose has started spreading across my face, which I do not like. Also, people making dumb pregnant comments. Word to the wise - never comment on a pregnant woman's size. Ever. How hard it is to pick up Sawyer sucks too, he is so tall and heavy that I just don't have a lot of room to hold him!

Things that don't suck: Having Sawyer & Josh kiss both me and my belly every morning when I leave the house. It makes me tear up almost every time.