Monday, October 20, 2014


I don't know what to do with my hair... once again. You'll notice that it is in a ponytail of some kind in every bump photo I've posted, that is because it is so long and stringy that it pretty much lacks any style. 

After I had Sawyer, I chopped my hair off (and donated it to Locks of Love) telling myself it would be easier to manage if it was short... I was wrong. Short hair can't be left un-styled and there is no easy ponytail option. I really want to keep my length this time around, but I think I want to try out bangs again. Only different this time.

My junior year of college and shortly after getting married, I had bangs. I bounced back and forth between loving them and hating them and I think it's because I didn't style the rest of my hair to match. 

So, I think now I want the wispy, textured style that would let me have more body and curl to my actual hair too.

Which is also an excuse to get a new straightener for Christmas and learn how to actually give myself those boho/beach-y looking waves.

I am also thinking this hairstyle will have to wait until after I pop out this baby. Bangs plastered to my forehead or sticking straight up in a headband of some kind if not something I want to have to worry about whilst in labor.

Friday, October 17, 2014

why can't I be normal?

One day, I'll take a legit bump picture when I am not standing in front of a row of toilets.. maybe.

I am 35 weeks pregnant. My hands, wrists, ankles, feet and NOSE are swollen. I am irritable. I keep dong stupid stuff like thinking I hit "send" on a call and holding the phone to my ear for a minute without realizing that it isn't even dialing. But, I wouldn't change anything.

I miss having the energy (and ability) to play and chase after Sawyer, but we have enjoyed some less active activities lately like baking cookies, painting, and puzzles.

Speaking of lacking energy, I did have one yucky pregnancy-related thing happen this week. Monday night I woke up around 11pm (I'd been asleep since 8:45pm, oops) choking on acid reflux. While I struggled with heartburn and such through both this pregnancy and with Sawyer, I have never choked as horribly as I did Monday. I coughed, wheezed, swallowed, tried to drink but just could not catch my breath. Twenty minutes later I was still wheezing and short-winded despite having taken my reflux meds, popping two Pepcid Completes, and drinking some milk.

I talked to my OB on call (who just happened to be my favorite one from my practice) and he told me I had probably managed to inhale some reflux and since I already had an appointment the next day (for my BP and swelling) that I just needed to make sure I slept sleeping up to avoid any more choking.

I woke up the next morning with a horrible headache from coughing so much the night before, a very sore chest and a nasty rattle in my chest. I felt like I was back in middle school, struggling with my asthma.

When I got to the doctor, the OB said I had definitely inhaled some reflux and put me on an Albuterol inhaler and a steroid... but then he noticed my ankle swelling. My left leg has been significantly more swollen than my right but I hadn't really thought much of it, blaming it on how I sit/stand but the difference was enough and the weird red pigment my leg has taken on was strange enough for the doc to order a doppler scan of my leg to rule out a blood clot.

so. gross.

My first thought was, "why can't I just be normal? Why can't I have a regular, run-of-the-mill pregnancy where I am just fat for 9 months and then BAM a baby comes out?". Then I felt so petty because having a gallbladder removed at 22 weeks, borderline gestational diabetes, and choking on reflux aren't really horrible things. Are they fun? No. But there are pregnant women out there suffering from ailments so much worse!

The earliest I could see a radiologist was four hours later, so I headed home and Josh left work. We relaxed at the house, I took a nap since I had slept so terribly the night before, then he drove me to get the scan. About 20 minutes later we learned I had no blood clot! With my BP climbing, but not too high yet and the swelling going down, I am also still preeclampsia free!

So now I just have to deal with the nasty cough from the reflux just hanging out in my lungs and the shakiness that comes with puffing on an inhaler every 4 hours.

Remind me to tell Brody about all these things one day whenever he complains about something I do. I am not above guilting him over the hassle he was ;).

Monday, October 13, 2014

Sawyer's Big Weekend

This weekend was "Sawyer Weekend", a special two-day treat for Sawyer as kind of his last big hoorah as an only child. While we had planned on not telling him about his exciting weekend until Saturday morning, we caved and told him Friday night. He kept saying "i cannot believe it!".

Saturday, we left around 10:30 a.m. and went straight to a Halloween store so we could pick out his costume. This was not part of the original plan, but we had time to kill before his 1 p.m. jump time at SkyZone so we figured we could kill two birds with one stone. While he'd been saying he wanted to be something scary "like a werewolf or ghost", he ended up making a bee-line to the ninja turtle costumes. I was so proud.

He was a ninja turtle for his first Halloween, but this time he will have mask, real shell and weapons for the whole effect so he is pumped. I of course had to try on the mask.

After a quick bite of pizza, we went to SkyZone where I think Josh had just as much fun as Sawyer did. They were so active and bouncing all over the place that I had a really hard time getting any pictures, but between jumping off the walls, running from trampoline to trampoline, and jumping into the giant foam pit, both my guys were super tired an hour later. 

super tired Joshua

We grabbed some FroYo downtown after SkyZone, checked into our hotel, and then Josh and Sawyer decided to cool off in the indoor pool. After a quick swim, we went to Kanki, a Japanese steakhouse (since Sawyer said he wanted to "watch the magicians cook on the table"). Sawyer was so tired he almost fell asleep while eating.

Sunday morning, we ate breakfast at the hotel then headed to Marbles Kid Museum. Sawyer was so overwhelmed by the nine available exhibits he didn't even know where to start. We decided to lead him towards the Around Town area first. In this section, kids could pretend to be farmers, veterinarians, fishermen, EMT workers, grocers, and even more. Sawyer especially loved the farming and vet sections.


Then we moved on to the Splash exhibit. Here, the big guy got to play on a giant pirate ship (of course), a submarine set up like a marine biologist lab, and a water area with boats and sea creatures.

if only I could get him to "swab the deck" at home

We headed upstairs to see the other exhibits and started in the IdeaWorks area and Sawyer had fun racing cars against Josh, using an actual drill and saw on real wood and building with some giant legos.

The Moneypalooza exhibit was next where there are green plastic balls everywhere that are supposed to signify money. Here, kids learn about how money is earned, spent, and saved. There were opportunities to earn money like making and delivering pizzas, pet-sitting, and having a lemonade stand then you could shoot the green balls you earned into a savings area.

We then hit Kid's Grid (an area where kids can "control' electricity) and Power to Play where you can exercise on their kid-friendly equipment and "lift weights".

this was his "it's so heavy" face

While Josh & Sawyer had a blast, I sadly was not feeling well. My blood pressure started climbing last week and my feet have been swelling horribly. About halfway through the museum, I had to find somewhere to sit and just watch my guys have a good time. My feet and legs were so swollen I could barely tie my shoes.

Because I felt so gross and since Sawyer and Josh were already pretty tired, we decided to skip out on visiting Pullen Park and head on home. As one last treat for the weekend, we went to Krispy Kreme or the "doughnut factory" as Sawyer calls it, to see them making doughnuts (and eat a few too). They were already done making them for the evening, but Sawyer still got to enjoy a drink and a hot, regular glazed doughnut.

I am so glad we were able to give Sawyer two days just for him and to celebrate him being an awesome kid. He of course has already requested we have another special weekend like this next weekend.