Wednesday, January 13, 2010

plot overload

I have a problem, in fact I have several. I promised myself that I will complete at least HALF of my book before 2011 gets here... however I feel like I have a billion different ideas I wish would just spill out my head and into my laptop, instead of me having to sift through each idea in my mind and figure out where they could go before writing them down.
I want to write a book that combines the fashion of books by Cecily Von Ziegesar & Lauren Weisberger with the southern-isms of Dorothea Benton Frank & Mary Kay Andrews. I want people to see the South how I see it, magical and full of life with rolling fields, smiling faces, manners, charm, and family values, not as a close-minded place full of back-roads hicks and trashy country girls.
However, my brain is overloaded with ideas about how I want to say what I've got to say.
Do I want to write a book about Temperance Hall from the point of view of a Yankee who likes a Southern boy and comes home to meet his entire family and falls in love with him as well as the T.Hall community?
Do I want to write about a Southern girl leaving her fiance who she has dated her whole life to run away to a foreign country and meets a new exciting guy and a whole new world?
Maybe I want to write about a successful girl from the South who moves away to the city to write for a big publication only to return home after a failed marriage and layoff to write for a small town newspaper and fall back in love with her high-school sweetheart whose wife (who just happened to be the girl's old best friend) just died?
I wish I could write all of them at once, only I keep getting all their names mixed up and their plots all seem to end up in the same place. I wish I could simply plug my head into computer and just UPLOAD how I see it happening into words.
So, stay tuned. Also, I need help with pseudonyms, because if I write a book about my hometown, I may not want everyone to know I wrote it... how about Lauren Lauderdale, or Elizabeth Edmondson or maybe Kay Dizele....

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