Monday, March 29, 2010

Preppy Mafia member

I've been crowned a socialite by The Preppy Mafia!
The rules-
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Answer the below questions

1. Who is your style icon? As crazy as it sounds, Mischa Barton's character Marissa Cooper on "The OC" (my all-time favorite series may it rest in peace) is my style icon. While she is a fictitious character, her style was Ah-mazing. Preppy one day, boho the next.
2. What is your favorite socialite lit book? anything by Cecily Von Ziegesar
3. Favorite party theme? anything but clothes, I love finding unique ways to create out an outfit out of unusual items
4. Go to Halloween costume? a present, since I am indeed a gift to the world ;) it's so easy to throw on colorful tights, wrap a box that is just the size of my upper torso in fun coordinating paper, throw on a tiny skirt (or a tiny dress underneath the box) and don a bow on my head TA-DA a perfectly wrapped gift
5. Extravagance you cannot live without? designer jeans, they fit JUST RIGHT and they run long enough for me to actually wear heels (a true feat when you're 5 ft. 9)
6. Living person you admire? My Mema Dean, surviving cancer twice (breast cancer & lymphoma), raising two girls by herself after my papa died in 1970 and cooking enough food every Sunday to feed the small army that is our family, what isn't there to admire about her?
7. Greatest Fear? drowning in my car
8. Trait you deplore in yourself? my inability to think before I speak
9. Which talent would you most like to have? the lack of procrastination
10. Greatest Achievement? graduating a semester early despite losing several credits when I transferred from UNCW, failing and making up classes and missing a lot of class due to both skipping & a battle with thyroiditis my junior year

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