Monday, March 8, 2010

Simmer down now.

Dude. Seriously. I went to the Tarboro Edgecombe Junior Miss program Saturday night with the Wendy and Dee and attempted to enjoy a lovely evening... however I had to constantly restrain myself from turning around and shoving my program in the wide open mouth of the obnoxious girls sitting behind us.
After attending about 6 of these programs it looks like I would have gained some tolerance for the screaming contest that always comes along with the performances, but EVERY TIME I go, I leave angry at the people who scream out the names of the contestants they're in favor of over the MC's or at silly times when it is incredibly inappropriate.
For example, a beautiful young lady named Amber Rudd sang "My Heart Will Go On", and I don't mean she stood there timid and shy and attempting to sing like Celine Dion until her time was up, I mean she SANG it and she sang it beautifully. When Miss Rudd was finished the girls behind me erupted into screams and yelled out stupid things like "Hobgood girls ROCK" and "DAMN YOU'RE GOOD" and the like. It was horrible. That girl sang a song well beyond the scope of most people's ability and while everyone else applauded her with class, these girls were obnoxious.
It doesn't stop there, the girls continued to yell (along with others) and even yelled over the two beautiful MC's (Rebecca & Britney) while they were trying to announce the winners of the individual awards.
These three chicks were INCREDIBLY lucky that the Wendy was sitting next to me constantly pinching my leg when I attempted to say something to them.
At one point obnoxious girl #1 said "We should scream 'we love you INSERT NAME HERE' at the top of our lungs" to which I calmly replied, while still facing forward, "Please don't". Then obnoxious girl #3 said "I wonder if she can even hear us screaming for her when they called her name and she wasn't on the stage yet?" to which I once again calmly said, "I know I can."
Last year while I was at the program with my M-in-Law, a girl next to us (we'll call her Martha) actually cheered for non-contestants. When her friend (we'll call her Mary), who was guest MC-ing came on stage for about two seconds two announce a guest Jr. Miss performance Martha hollered her name and when Mary came back on stage a few minutes later to announce the next performance Martha actually yelled "Welcome back Mary!" I mean, seriously? Same girl (Martha) even yelled "I like your dress" to one of the girls on stage.
This kind of trashiness is not limited to the Jr. Miss program. At graduations the principal always says, "Please hold your applause until all names have been called." Yet, every single year parents ignore this request and holler out their child's name or other things so long that the next person's name is hardly audible.
Now, I must say that I was guilty of asking my parent's to scream for me because I was convinced that every other parent would yell for their kid and then my name would be called and you would only hear the sound of sweat dropping on the metal chairs and bleachers as we melted into our seats.
While I know everyone wants to show support for the person they want to win, or to the kid they've helped raise and put through high school, I wish people would show a little class and tact.
Politely clap when necessary and only cheer for the person when their name is followed by a pause to allow for noise or after a wonderful (or not so wonderful) performance.
By the way girls behind me at Jr. Miss, I remember your faces and I will be sure to sit behind you with and pull your hair at the next event we both attend. : )

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