Thursday, March 4, 2010

spring necessities

As these wet days full of cold breezes and gray skies continue, I can't help but look in the guest bedroom closet full of my spring clothes/shoes and dream of sunnier days.
I am MORE than a little worried that my post-knee-surgery-therefore-no-running/i-work-a-14 hr/day-job body will not fit into my Lilly dresses, Milly tops, and favorite capris, however here are few things I am looking forward to slipping into:

Jack Rogers
These shoes are my life-line. I have them in silver, gold, green&white, and purple&yellow. I wear them with just about everything and I tend to buy green things just for my green Jack Rogers and obviously I have more than enough purple and yellow for the other pair. They are comfortable, can be dressed up or down, and are my favorite pair of shoes (next to my beat-up Rainbows).

Lilly Pulitzer dresses (tops, pants, and all other items as well) I live for Lilly. The bright colors, breezy fabrics, unique designs and notable patterns fit wonderfully into my idea of perfection. Once again, these can be worn to church, weddings, dinner, ball games, and just about anywhere else that preppy is allowed. (Not to mention two of my Lilly's match my green & white JR's perfectly).

Tshirts Yes, I do realize you can wear t-shirts all year long, but come spring/summer you can wear t-shirts without coats and with rainbows, which makes it so much nicer. I love to wear a jean/white/madras skirt with a tshirt, it's my go-to outfit when I just need to run to grab something to eat or if I'm at the beach, to wear anywhere. I especially love Big Rock Blue Marlin tournament and Guy Harvey t-shirts. While I am not a fisherman by any means, there shirts shrink perfectly to fit me and the cotton is the softest. I also love random t-shirts from restaurants, like Salty Dog or of course Sanitary.

White linen skirts When I am tanner (which may not occur this year since I have NOOOO money and really can't afford tanning bed time) I love a white skirt. I am going to sound like a broken record, but a white skirt can be dressed up or down. I die for just throwing on a white linen skirt, plain top, statement necklace and a pair of flats for work or a white skirt, tank top, and Rainbows for anything else.

Coach espadrilles I have these exact pair of shoes, while they are a few seasons old, I could care less because they have color in the crayon box (except pink)in them, making it so easy to match any outfit with. I wear them with jeans or longer skirts and layer shirts in the colors of the shoes. Love, love, love them, but once labor day passes, in the closet they go.

Milly tops Now, while Milly also makes dresses, her tops fit me so much better (she isn't so forgiving in the hip area). The stand-out patterns and eclectic uses of color make this designer so special to me. I am only lucky enough to have two tops from the line (since they cost around $300 a pop, I usually visit Monkees of Greenville's sale at the end of the season or scout Ebay) but I love them.

Now that I've managed to completely depress myself thinking of the sweaters, jeans, and boots I'll be stuck in for the next couple of weeks/months, I am going to throw on my heavy North Face and venture out of the office for lunch and imagine it's warm and my Jack Rogers are slapping the pavement instead of my boring old brown pumps.

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