Wednesday, March 24, 2010

who knew weekends could last TOO long?

I can't believe I'm saying this but, this past weekend was the LONGEST of all time.
Poor Josh called me late Friday night to come pick him up from the bachelor weekend in Myrtle because he had a terrible stomach thing going on. Since my Rodeo is struggling I called my folks to borrow one of their cars only to end up being fussed at for trying to drive to Myrtle alone. So the Wendy, Big Mark and I piled into the truck and headed south. We got to Myrtle around 11:30ish and got home around 3:30-4am. It was a long and miserable ride. Bad knees + sitting in back seat w/ Big Mark in front + 4 hour rides = pain. Josh had a fever, chills, an achy body and terrible stomach pains and situations so he was silent and uncomfortable the whole way home too.
Saturday was supposed to be busy, but planned out, but the previous night ruined that idea, and so did Sookie.
I had PLANNED on waking up around 11, getting ready then driving to Raleigh for a friend's wedding shower before driving to NCSSM to pick up Dee and go shopping. HOWEVER the entire trip was all rushed and uncoordinated because I was sleepy, Sookie got loose and had to be chased through town and I had to stop at the mall and buy a wedding gift for said shower because I didn't get to the night before.
It was a busy, busy weekend and I can honestly say I was glad to get back to work Monday so I could be on a normal schedule again.
This weekend won't be much easier though. Big Mark is having fairly intense shoulder surgery Friday at Duke and will spending the night there Friday night. Dee has to be picked up Friday too, so she is staying with Josh & I. Then Saturday we were supposed to go to Winterville for a cousin's birthday party during the day before going to an 80's Prom theme birthday party for another friend that night. However, with the Marcus coming home from Durham on Saturday, I kind of want to be around the house to see him/help the Wendy get him situated.
Needless to say, it's going to be another long one. Prayers are appreciated.

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