Monday, September 27, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me (and Weezy)!

Today is my birthday!

It's going to be pretty low-key since 1)I am pregnant, 2)we are completely broke and 3)we have revival at church all this week.
  So we're just going out with Josh's parents and grandparents tonight. My parents had cake and ice-cream Saturday night. And of course Mema Dean will fix meal one night this week (chocolate sop, flour bread and white rice, yum).
I hope that my in-laws all went in together and got me a Kindle because I really, really need one. I guess I'll find out when I got to dinner.
My parents got me a new Herve Chapelier bag and two maternity shirts I wanted.
And my grandparents gave me some moolah.
Speaking of moolah, today is not only my birthday, but also the marvelous Lil Wayne's, who is sadly celebrating his b*day in jail. (FREE WEEZY!)

I love Lil Wayne and his music (despite how violent and dirty they are). And he is always good for a lovely quote, such as:
When asked about his addiction to "syrup", a combination of codeine syrup and juice/soda, Weezy said:
"I don't care if it's heroin in my cup, it's MY cup. F--- you"

Oh, Weezy...

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