Friday, September 17, 2010

part 2 of my confessionssss

Please imagine me singing the title like Usher :)

1. I have been completely milking the "I'm Pregnant" card. At the first home football game I sat the entire time and asked people to get things for me haha granted it was also VERY hot so I didn't feel really well)

2. I ate two whole shrimp tempura rolls by myself last night at the sushi bar with my daddy. Yes, that is a total of 12 pieces of sushi. True fat kid.

3. I watched "The Office" THE ENTIRE DAY on Labor Day. I left the couch only to pee and get food. I also cried when the Casino Night episode came on.

4. I let Sookie (my monster chocolate lab) destroy Josh's favorite basketball shorts because it was keeping her quiet and content while I was trying to watch the season finale of Secret Life. Then I just bought another pair and didn't tell him any different.

5. I haven't washed my hair since Tuesday night. Praise God for Shampowder & baby powder

6. I am already planning the bachelorette party for my bestie Hope, even though she doesn't get married until exactly a year from today. (I'm thinking Charlotte, eating at a nice restaurant then trying to hit every club in the Epicentre)


  1. I turn into a pile of mush every time I see the Casino Night episode, too. They're too cute for words. And too hilarious about your dog eating the shorts!! I hope your hubby doesn't read your blog - haha!

  2. hahahaha. this crack me up :) I love the Office too.. i could sit and watch EVERY episode of every season all the way through if i took the time to do it.