Monday, October 18, 2010

busy Monday

I have SO much on my plate for today and really for the rest of this week. I was just looking at my agenda and I have absolutely no idea how it is all going to get done.

Here's a little taste of what I have to do just in the eight hours of my work day today:

This morning I am wearing an ECU t-shirt, black North Face fleece, black maternity work-out-ish pants and New Balance tennis shoes to work so that I can sweat to death and get dirty at the local fair grounds to disassemble the Leader in Me (really great program we have at one of our elementary schools) exhibit. Then I have to take pictures of the individual school exhibits that are still standing, and pick up our prize at their office before coming back to the office to edit the photos and finish the press release I had started about ECPS' representation at the fair. I am also going to take the exhibit stuff by the school in case their principal wants to use it at another event or for a bulletin board at the school. Here is what the exhibit (which an art teacher from the school and I created in ONE DAY) looked like:

Then I'll be back in the office so I can finish up some United Way stuff and update the press release I created about it as well. I also need to go by the maintenance department to help fix the outdoor goal-tracker thermometer and get them to put it in the front yard of our main office so we can take a picture to accompany the press release.

At 2:00 I will be at of our high schools that received a giant award of azaleas from the NC Beautiful project, I'll be getting pictures of them planting the azaleas and talking to both the NC Beautiful rep and the school principal about the project for THAT press release.

Once I finish editing those photos, adding all the other pictures to the website and editing the press releases, I am going to create a sort of template/rubric for my individual school website admins so they know exactly what we expect from them on their websites.

It's going to be a busy day, but I leave you with a picture of the t-shirt I made for the ECU/NCSU game Saturday, I got lots of "awwws" and pictures taken by random people haha. By the way, we won and things were very dramatic, expect a post about that tomorrow. Have a great week!

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