Tuesday, October 12, 2010

how I pay the bills

Most people know I work in Communications in our school system, but few actually know what my job entails.

As the Community Relations & Communications Coordinator for our system, I write press releases, create marketing materials, plan events, create the district calendar and directories, update our website and make sure my 15 school website admins are doing the same, act as the Relay for Life and United Way coordinator for the system (once again making sure my 15 school coordinators do their part too) and act as the liaison between the media and the system.

I love my job, I really do, but man do school systems shaft the little people when it comes to paychecks.

My favorite part of my job is the graphics and design part. I love creating the posters, brochures, programs and pamphlets for advertising our school system, the events such as retirement banquets, Gold Key ceremonies and Convocation and trying to brand our system.

I created this program for our Convocation (first day back for our teachers that involves workshops & seminars) and I was so proud of the finished product. I found the picture of alphabet blocks then took it apart making the letters separate so I could spell out the words I needed. I also had to create the schedule of events, assign the seminars to the various classrooms based on size & time requirements and coordinate with our caterer for this event.

I also adore planning the events for Relay for Life & United Way. Coming up with fund-raising ideas and unique ways to inspire people to donate is so fun to me and I like being crafty and creative in making the posters, tickets and prize-like things in inDesign & Photoshop.

Here's an example of a fund raising event we're throwing soon. I thought of the idea of calling the event "Witch's Brew" after that song we used to sing in elementary school on Halloween. 

The most proud I've ever been of my work though had to be when we won so many awards and raised SO much money for Relay for Life. I didn't start at the system until March and Relay takes place in May, so I only had three months to pull it together and only 3 out of 15 of my school coordinators were any help. But, we still won "Best Campsite", "Best Theme" and "Best Banner". Not to mention we raised $33,450 for the American Cancer Society. I also tried to give blood for the first time, it wasn't successful since my blood wanted to clot, probably because I was pregnant and didn't know it yet.

The Relay theme was "Celebrate More Birthdays" so we chose "Beach Bum Birthday Bash - Beachin' for a Cure" as our individual theme.

 Me attempting to give blood
 Our lovely campsite - inside the turtle-shaped sandbox are seashells with signs saying each schools' name

So that is what I do to pay the bills and keep food on our table. I enjoy what I do each day, but I would love to do it for a LOT more money.

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