Tuesday, October 19, 2010

sport "fans"

Can I just preface this by saying that I love sports. Some I love to play, like soccer, others I enjoy watching, like basketball and football. I realize that not every girl is a sports fan and that a LOT of girls like to fake it and play the "I'm one of the guys, listen to how I spout off sports terms I just happened to hear on when the TV was stuck on ESPN" card, but I am not one of them. I generally enjoy a good football game and college basketball game. I am an actual sports fan that watches games, knows the players, tries to keep up with stats and generally acts like a fan.                              

Having said this, I am okay with saying that I strongly dislike girls, and guys, who pretend to be a fanatic over teams only on certain occasions or just when big games are about to happen, such as the big UNC/Duke basketball game.

This post is stemmed from the fact that a local football team, I'll just call them the Puppies, has "fans" just coming out of the wood-works this season because they are actually playing really well. This would be fine... if people were actually fans.

The Puppies have people tearing up their Facebook statuses with "Go Puppies" or "Puppies are going to kill the Pirate this weekend" or even typing up stats that are one-sided and have nothing to do with the skill of the game. BEST of all, some of these Puppies "fans" don't even attend games, watch games, know the players names, know anything about football, or even cheer for the Puppies on a daily basis. This is unacceptable.

In my opinion (which I realize doesn't matter THAT much), if you're going to be a fan, you have to be one all the time. I cheer for my Pirates whether they suck or dominate because I am truly so proud to be a part of the Pirate nation. If we win, great, if we lose, I accept defeat and say "yeah that other team was better than us". If we act trashy and wreck a stadium (which yes did happen in the 90s) I will admit that we were indeed acting with no class.

.... Others do not share this sentiment apparently.

During a recent game, people took to their Facebook pages to bash ECU - not just our football team, but our school in general, and rant about how the other team would beat us (which they didn't) and how we "didn't know how to win"... false they obviously didn't know how to lose since Pirates got over the win a few days ago while the other team is still complaining about everything they can.  Best part of this rant? Some of these people weren't even at the game or watching the game from home, AND one of them is actually an ECU grad.

The game was marvelous, we won in OT and both teams fought hard. Pirates went into the game actually expecting a loss, so we were over-joyed at beating said team. However, we reacted with tact to my knowledge. We cheered, yelled, jumped up and down, sang our songs, and acted like PIRATE FANS.

Pirates tailgated beside people supporting the other team, Pirates SAT next to fans of the other team and we did our usual cheering, and yes boo-ing, throughout the very hot game.

HOWEVER, the other team's marching band acted without tact or grace. It is one thing to cheer every single time our announcer goes to announce something about a play that we made, that's just part of a friendly-ish rivalry, but to play during the message from the troops where a past Pirate who now serves over-seas in the military gives a shout-out to his family and wishes the Pirates luck? Trashy.

So I beg of people, PLEASE if you're going to be a fan, be a real one. Cheer for your team all the time, wear your team colors to work because you are so proud of their win, or even their hustle and effort if they lost, and for the love of god actually watch the game and know what you're talking about. Geez.

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  1. Amen! My Rebels suck this year but I am still cheering them on. I was raised that you cheer for your team through the good & bad and don't go switching teams just because they look good or are in team now.