Thursday, December 30, 2010

Chamilia vs. Pandora

So, back in June 2009 I won a Chamilia bracelet from a local jewelry store. In case you don't know what that is, it's another version of Pandora bracelets with the same price scale and quality only different name and less selection.

So, that September I got tons of beads for said bracelet and filled it up. I have charms like a soccer ball and a purple purse and a monkey (because I can make the best monkey face EVER) and a tropical drink and palm tree. Then the following year, all the stores around here quit carrying Chamilia.

I was fine though since I already had a bracelet full and liked the beads I had chosen, but then I realized I couldn't add any to commemorate moments in the future, like anniversaries, babies being born, firsts and such. I mentioned this to Josh and I thought he'd ignored me, but then in my stocking on Christmas Eve I found a Pandora bracelet with a baby carriage charm on it already!

And then when I got to Josh's parents house they had gotten me two spacers and his grandma had picked a little boy charm for it as well. So now I can dedicate this bracelet to baby (and future babies, if this one works out okay). I can't wait to fill it with little baby shoe charms and baby's initials and such.

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