Monday, December 20, 2010

Mine vs. Mama's - Christmas Decor

The Wendy, my mother, has always been very specific about her home's Christmas decor. 
Her only rule: everything must be gold, crystal, ivory or burgundy. 
And I mean everything.
If Dee or I made a precious little clothespin reindeer ornament at school, it went to the back of the tree.
If someone gives her an ornament that either doesn't fit her Christmas preferences, it goes to the back of the tree.
Her tree and the rest of her decor is always beautiful, but I always hated that other kids got bright tacky lights or ornaments 

the Wendy's tree

So, when I got an apartment of my own in college, I bought the brightest, most un-gold/burgundy ornaments I could find and had a 3 foot, lime green tinsel tree.

However, one thing that will always remain the same is my taste for a real tree. I loved my little "Dr. Seuss", tree as everyone called it, but I NEED that Christmas pine smell. I also can't stray from the clear Christmas lights.

So, Josh and I have a real tree with brightly colored ornaments of all shapes & sizes. 
My only rule? No gold or burgundy


  1. Hehe! I was really trying NOT to have a color scheme, but then I fell in love with the lime green-ish/red/white combo that seems to be in a lot of stores right now. I'm going to have a lot of those colors but I'm also open to hodge-podge random ornaments that don't match.

  2. I love both your decorations. I need to work on something for outside next year