Monday, January 3, 2011

A few little secrets....

1)      I am really bad about making “To Do” lists during church, NOT during the sermon just during the morning announcements, birthday & anniversary recognitions and such. If you are reading this Mrs. Kimberly DO NOT tell Brother Dennis…. If you’re reading this Brother Dennis please note that I said “NOT during the sermon” 

2)      Today, I wanted to wear these cute little navy flats that have a little open toe part… but I can’t really reach my feet well enough to paint my toenails – so I just painted the only two toes that show.

3)      I get a plain biscuit with grape jelly and a small Coke from McDonalds OR a plain biscuit with grape jelly & a cinnamon twist with a small Pepsi from BoJangles 3 out of 5 mornings of the work week. Today is the LAST day though; it’s one of my resolutions.

4)      My husband does NOT know how much I owe on my J.Crew card and hopefully he never will – or he would make me cut it up and forbid me from shopping there every again.

 5)      I love my Lilly Pulitzer planner, but the stupid elastic piece kept breaking so I stapled it on.

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