Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Monogram Me

My beautiful bestie, Hope is getting married this September and a friend of ours is thinking about throwing her a monogram shower some time before the wedding. 
If you've never been to a monogram shower, it's fairly simple. You just take the bride-to-be a gift (ranging from purse to jewelry to home item) featuring her new, married monogram. 
So I, being the ever-so-prepared one, have already started looking at some awesome gifts. 
Since as the matron of honor I will be attending every shower and also be planning/hosting her bachelorette party (in Charlotte, in August) I want to get her a little gift (like under $20) for each shower instead of one big gift or spending lots each time.
Here are my favorite monogrammable gifts thus far, as usual Etsy runs the gambit on having the best things for the best price, but there are a few other sites too:
Monogrammed Scalloped Tray from only $18
Monogrammed acrylic bowl - perfect for storing jewelry and such - $18 at The Pink Monogram
Monogrammed apron $15 at Etsy
Monogrammed oval tin $14.50 at Etsy
The cheapeast foldable market tote I've been able to find - $17.95 at Etsy
Large personalized acrylic tray $18 at Etsy
Personalized melamine plate - $17 at Etsy
Personalized clipboard $12 at Etsy
Personalized coasters - $4.25/coaster at Etsy

The real tricky part is going to be ordering something for Hope... without ordering something for myself.


  1. Haha that last line is so true! In birthday cards to my BFF, I always write "I hope you enjoy the gift. You know I bought one for myself too, right?" :) Anyway....I'm dying over that pink scalloped tray! Did you guys have a Swoozies (before they went out of business)? There were a few in the triangle area and they had the most adorable personalized gifts!