Thursday, January 13, 2011

Thank You Notes

I hate Thank You notes with a fiery passion.
I hate writing them, I hate that you feel obligated to send them and I hate feeling guilty when I don't send them.

Josh and I had several showers when we got married and I was so good about sending Thank You notes after the first three, but when my big shower at my church came and I had 6 pages of recorded gifts I hit a wall. No part of me wanted to write "thank you's" for all those gifts. 

Not that I wasn't grateful for them, but the thought of writing "dear mrs. insert name here, thank you for the insert gift name here, we can hardly wait to use it in our insert function/place of use here. Thanks again for your gift and generosity. Love in Christ, Lauren and Josh" a million times made me want to die.
It might have been easier to send Thank You notes out if my then soon-to-be husband could have helped me write them, but Joshua's handwriting is harder to interpret than advanced trigonometry - so it was just me and my poor little right hand trying to write neatly and not smudge pen ink all over myself.

In fact, I am sure there are lots of notes I didn't send - actually I know there are, because there are several stacks of envelopes containing "thank yous" for wedding gifts (from our 06/13/09 wedding) still waiting to be addressed on my desk at home. 

I think my issue with Thank You notes is that if I buy a gift for someone, watching them open it and "Thanks" or just seeing the look on their face is enough. I don't need a generic note that they have written and rewritten a million times to feel like my gift is appreciated. 

Now, I am faced with writing them once again since baby gifts are now coming in. I wish I could just stand up at Josh's parent's church and my church and say one big collective "Thanks for the gift". But since I can't I purchased some lovely Lilly Pultizer notecards on sale at Barnes and Noble from $13.95 to $6.95 last week with my Christmas gift cards and got free shipping. 

Yes, I realize they are girly and not baby-shower-like at all, but dag-on-it, if I have to write the stupid things they are going to be on stationary that I like.

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  1. I have an entire basket full of cute thank you notes! I love writing them, but only one or a FEW at a time. I got very overwhelmed with the wedding thank you notes, too!