Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Why "so busy"?

So why am I so busy at work?
Because our district is entering into the accreditation process, which involves focus group meetings at some of our schools, participants completing surveys and local community members and parents giving us feedback on our proposed mission and vision.

So I spend a lot of my day trying to decipher horrible hand-writing, grammar and spelling so I can tabulate survey results...

....record the feedback given in the breakout focus groups session

.... creating packets for the facilitators of the focus group sessions

.... writing and re-writing instructions on how to actually chart and record feedback

.... and making changes to our presentation and handouts according to feedback

And I am doing this on top of my other duties, so needless to say: I'm busy.

But don't you love the "Mapping the Future" theme? You have no idea how many print screens, pastes and such it took to get that map in the background to look right.

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