Tuesday, February 15, 2011

a few pics of the big guy

Since my internet at home is ridiculous and since Josh and I are back in the hospital with Sawyer because his bilirubin climbed to 25 and he turned a lovely shade of yellow... I am just going to post a few pics from my BBerry and send you over to my second-cousin-in-law Michelle's blog Leisure Pursuits to view some photos of the big guy. Please ignore the giant swollen girl with the oily hair who may resemble me, not quite sure who that could be.

His "man you lookin' shady" look :)

Protecting his face from his own hands,
Chillin' with Daddy.

On his way to his first doctor appointment, which revealed an incredibly high bilirubin level so off to Pitt Memorial Hopsital we went.

Rocking his stunna shades to protect his eyes from the UV lights
Laying in the incubator, surrounded by UV lights and hooked to entirely too many machines & an IV

Okay I promise to blog about his birth and the labor adventures sometime soon, in the meantime please say a prayer that we get his bili down to at least 10 so we can go back home!


  1. He is a cutie! Sending prayers y'all are all back home together soon.


  2. he's so precious!! :) what a wonderful bundle of joy!! praying you all get home soon!! xoxo

  3. I think Sawyer is the sweetest baby in the world.. mainly because he uses you and Josh as his diapers :D