Thursday, May 19, 2011

down in the dumps

I've been feeling a little down in the dumps lately - and before you say anything, no I do not have the "baby blues" (aka postpartum depression), trust me I already take Zoloft and I know what depression feels like.
I think I've been feeling so yucky lately because I have been so BUSY I haven't really had time to just relax!
First of all, as soon as I came back from maternity leave it was time for Artsplosion 2011 (a four day Arts fest put on by my department - aka just me) so I hit the ground running and haven't stopped since.
yep, I made that.
May is such a busy time for the school system between year-end events like graduations, award ceremonies and scholarship stuff on top of incidents like the bus fire and our Board of Education sponsored events like the Gold Key ceremony.
made that too...
Then I had Relay for Life which requires me to manage 15 sub-coordinators from each our schools then put all of our efforts together to make the big campsite for the actual Relay event.
our theme was "Baking up a Cure" - I painted that kitchen backdrop the DAY BEFORE and added the 3-D things (paper towel holder, oven mitt, utensils, clock, curtains) THAT DAY
Now that Relay is over I have to jump right into planning our annual retirement banquet and we have 40 retirees.

So needless to say I am busy at work, all while taking care of my little man and trying to be a good wife and daughter/daughter-in-law.

Also Josh's little brother Jordan is in the hospital struggling with his ulcerative colitis - so keep him in your prayers please - he's been there for a week.
Jordan in his cap and gown after his HS graduation in 2008
The worst part of me feeling poopy? Everyone keeps telling me I should be happy because I am lucky to still have a job. No duh. I know just how lucky I am to still be employed but that doesn't mean I can't have a pity party every now and again or that things still aren't crappy.


  1. the designs you made look great! what programs do you use? I'm sorry you've been feeling yucky lately..I think we all have a time when we are just worn out and need a vacay!

  2. Adobe inDesign & Photoshop & Illustrator - I LOVE them.

  3. send me that logo you made me :) I'm thinking we need to put your design skills and my photo skill to good use... part time business????? love ya!

  4. I am glad Relay went well for y'all.