Monday, May 23, 2011

Lazy Weekend

... I wish I was as awesome as Andy Samberg & Chris Parnell so I could start rapping/singing about my Lazy Weekend (like the do in Lazy Sunday), but I guess I'll just settle for a brief description and some photos...

Saturday I did of lot of sleeping in this...

and only got dumped on the ground by the chocolate beast once or twice

Then Sunday (after church and lunch at Mema Dean's), I went to T.Hall and watched my husband clean his grandma and grandaddy's pool while I sat in the gazebo with the rest of the family.

yay for Josh's little brother coming home for the hospital! (that's him sitting next to Mrs. Ethel, Josh's g*ma)
Sawyer was very happy to be practically naked outside, sitting in his Mimi's lap (Josh's mom)


  1. the hammock looks amazing!

  2. I have a chocolate beast too! We seriously refer to him as "Beast"...and he loves to crawl in to the hammock with me!