Monday, June 20, 2011

Sawbug gets dedicated

My sweet little monkey got dedicated at church Sunday and it was a marvelous affair. Mr. Sawyer got to wear his daddy's christening outfit for the service (Josh's parents are Methodist while we're Baptists).

Sawyer and his "MiMi" (Josh's mom) before his dedication
waiting with Daddy
.Sawbug more or less behaved the entire time except when he started crying during the final prayer and I had to give him his pacifier - which he spat across three church pews.

ignore all my chins please - and the giant vacation bible school decorations in the background
eating his hands - his new favorite hobby
Because it happened on Father's Day, Josh's family decided to not only attend our church to see their grandson/great-grandson/nephew/great-nephew get dedicated but also eat lunch with us at my parents' house (along with my grandparents).

Josh's grandparents, mama, my mema and me.

getting out of his outfit

my little family
so sleepy.
he loves to be naked.

my sister, papa, Sawbug, daddy, mama and mema

me and the in-laws (and Joshua & Sawbug)
with daddy & mama 


  1. Looked like a great day!! By the way, you look beautiful in the pictures!! Sawyer is such a cutie!

  2. What a special day. Everyone looks wonderful.

  3. What a special day! I was christened on Easter Sunday. Daddy's family is all Southern Baptist so my grandmother really didn't get the big deal but made sure to be a part of it because it was important to mother and insisted to buy a dress for me to wear that day, when I didn't have my grandfather's christening gown on.