Thursday, July 28, 2011

Thrifty Thursday

Yesterday, I spent some money. And I am feeling a little guilty about it.... okay I am feeling more guilty about hiding them from Joshua but what can you do?

Pink boutique in Greenville was having a HUGE Lilly sale and I just cannot deny myself the right to shop.

Sidenote: That is a "Her" magazine under my purchase (where I was an intern for a year during college), I had to pick one up because I had an article in it this month about "maternity style". You can check it out here, my part is at the bottom.

I got a lovely Katia wrap sweater in "Limeade Cherry Begonias" for only $28! (originally 88).
I also got a new planner - not on sale, but I needed one for this coming year! - in the "Nice to See You" print

But alas, not everything I bought yesterday was guilt-inducing! I got sweet baby boy an exersaucer (basically a little activity station that can either be immobile or free to roll around the floor when they start walking) at the second hand kids store for $30! Then I got another one (for his sitter, Mrs. Vicki) for $25! Those jokers usually retail for $60-$80.

I also just got two bottles of Osis Mattfying Powder off Ebay for only $10! Usually they run about $12 a piece! I started using this powder in my hair to allow me a few days between washes, but it also makes it look so much thicker and my poof a LOT fuller. Queen of Hair, Pink Lou Lou also uses it, so obviously it's marvelous.
Now I feel less guilty since I didn't spend as much as I could have. If only Josh could see this logic....


  1. Yay for Her Magazine... It's been awhile since I have read a fabulous article by the one and only Lauren Edmondson. I also love the picture of you and Josh in the article, basically because I took the picture! :)

  2. Oh my gosh, I love that Lilly sweater! I haven't found the nearest Lilly store since we moved up to VA but next time I'm in NC I'm definitely going to make a pit-stop at Palm Avenue!! I used a Lilly planner last year and loved it...guess it's time to get a new one of those!

  3. way to go with the deals! It is always fun saving money.