Wednesday, July 6, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

I'm linking up with Jamie for WILW!

I'm lovin' the Lilly Pulitzer Nettie dress in "Worth Blue Docksider" so much that I got it in "Classic White Fallin In Love Placed Novelty" too and I don't feel bad about it either because....

my husband got ANOTHER tattoo. And I'm lovin' it because he promised that I could spend the exact same amount he spent on it, on clothes! (not so much a fan of the ink though)
"No Mercy, No Quarter" - it's a Pirate football thing we give no quarter and no mercy to our opponents
I'm lovin' that I snuck a fridge into my new office so now I can store not only Sawyer's food in there, but also my food too

it kind of blends in with the rest of everything so that it won't get confiscated (apparently it is a fire code violation?)
I'm loving this awesome Sally Hansen nail polish I found in the bargain aisle at Walmart for $4 in "Fearless Fog".

I'm lovin' the incredibly awesome DIY project I get to tell ya'll about on Friday!
sneak peak!
I'm lovin' my new blue heels that I got from Charlotte Russe- they match a dress I've had but couldn't wear (because I didn't have shoes) perfectly! Granted, they'll probably fall apart soon, but they'll look good for now!

So many things to love!


  1. Omg i loooooove your pretty blue heels!!!!! Must get some!

  2. Love the new dress purchase. And my husband and I work the same way - when he gets something, I usually do too. Fair is fair right? ;)

  3. I adore the Lilly dress! The heels are super cute too!

  4. love the lilly dress! can't wait for you diy!

  5. i LOVE charlotte russe! good thinkin on getting to spend the same amount on clothes as your hubby got to spend on his tat.

    so clever.

  6. LOVE LOVE LOVE the Nettie dress. I have one of the designs from last year and got it this year in the docksider pattern. I also love your Forever 21 purchases. Too cute. Your blog is adorable. I am your newest follower!

  7. Love the nail polish. Check out Dillard's clearance rack for some cute shoes. That is where I got most of mine lately.

  8. I love that Lily Pulitzer dress! I got one like it last year and wear it all of the time! I may just have to get another one in a different pattern! :-)

  9. love the lilly dress! very cute!

  10. I love your new Lilly dress! I've been putting off buying it for a while but I think that you convinced me :)