Friday, August 19, 2011

DIY Friday: Back to School Edition

Since we had our annual convocation event Tuesday, Aug. 16 I had to make some fun decorations for the podium and the area where teachers and staff picked up their programs.

P.S. I am really pleased with how the programs turned out, what do you think?

I made a crayon wreath with origami flowers to hang on the podium. The whole gluing the crayons to a wreath form wasn't hard at all, the difficult part was spacing the crayons correctly.

But my favorite project I did was the pencil vase that I placed on the desk with the programs.

Here's what you'll need:
About 36 pencils
Dollar store round glass vase
Packing tape
Pretty paper or Back to School printable

*BTW, I love the Dollar Trees round glass vases, I use them A LOT. For example, I put different colored paper wraps around them for our Retirement Banquet then I used them for Michelle's shower with ribbon tied around and now I am using them for this. 

Here's what you do:
1) Put pencils around glass with erasers lined up at top, using tape to hold them in place. Make sure you tape them in the middle so that the tape won't be visible once we wrap it with the pretty paper.
side note: check out my super awesome Pink Lou Lou manicure :)
2) Once all pencils have been taped to glass, wrap around whole vase once with packing tape (once again, in the middle so it wont be visible)

3) Once pencils are secure, cut out paper, whether it be scrapbook paper or just a nice printable you found online. I used a vintage notebook paper I found here. Cut the paper to be wide enough to cover your tape.

4) Add a cute little Back to School or Education-themed printable to the front. I found a ton via Pinterest
such as the ones below.

5)  Add some flowers and you're all done!
And there ya go! Get to crafting-teacher friends.


  1. I love that pencil vase thing! Super cute idea!

  2. Awesome! We had our meeting with the superintendent today and it was in a high school gym and there were zero cute decorations. You've got Wake County beat. Hehe.