Thursday, August 11, 2011

Last weekend.. a little late

Since I did link-ups Tuesday & Wednesday and used Monday to talk about my knee, I am just now getting around to telling you about last weekend!

Since I had been going on and on about how I planned to do some serious, hard-core cleaning last weekend. I thought it would be unfair if I didn't show you how awesome my cabinets look now.

I couldn't find those Tension rods that I found on  Pinterest to organize my  casserole dishes &  cookie sheets, so I just bought 2 wire organizers by Rubbermaid from Lowe's. Sadly they wouldn't fit in my cabinets vertically - but no worries, they fit great horizontally (that's what she said)!

I also made some things for the Pirate shower this weekend...

And Josh and Sawyer took a little break to swim awhile.

Then my mama and daddy brought by the most precious outfit EVER for the Sawbug that they got at Cracker Barrell of all places! And for only $12.99.
Golf AND a chocolate lab? You can't go wrong.
I also did a few DIY projects that I can't wait to showcase in up-coming DIY Friday posts! Here is another sneak peak at tomorrow's project.

Don't forget to come by tomorrow for another DIY Friday post!


  1. I need to get some courage and face my cabinets! their in need of some SERIOUS cleaning! Yours look marvelous!

    Lots of love,

  2. That outfit is TOO cute! Good work on the cabinets! :)

  3. that outfit is sooooo cute!!

    can't wait to see your diy post! :)