Tuesday, August 23, 2011

picture palooza

My baby (and when I saw baby, I mean 19 year old) sister moved into college this weekend. This makes me feel not only insanely old, but also ridiculously nostalgic.

So, I decided to flip through some old pictures of not only Dee Marie and myself, but also just random old pictures. I came to several realizations.

1) I am about twice the size I was in high school
2) I was too thin in high school
3) My hair has gone through way too many transformations
4) Some of my outfit choices were questionable to say the least.

Here are a few (like 30) of my favorites:

Dee & Me
because matching dresses were necessary...

Then I found Prom pics.. oh my.
Freshman Year 
Sophomore Year

Junior Year

the back of my dress Jr. year. it made up for the horrible hair.
senior year.
And then... I may have cried when I saw how freakishly thin I was in the following pictures...

check out those sexy shoes... freshman year of high school
16th b*day
at the lookout in St. Lucia
21st Birthday
after getting engaged
And now some vintage Lauren :)

Monkey for our kindergarten play
LOOK at that haircut!
Then I found some plain old happy memories pictures too 

Hmm, I am realizing that this post may seem a little narcissistic since it features about a million pictures of me, but oh well., enjoy a trip down my memory lane :)


  1. :)
    i think i have worn each and every one of those outfits at some point in my life!
    the sexy white shoes from your freshman year of HS were for sure in my closet too!!!

  2. I loved looking at all your pictures!! Looks like some wonderful memories!