Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Shower turned Tailgate...bc that's what Pirates do

This past weekend was the Pirate shower for Josh's cousin Michelle and her husband Eric (that I've been talking about forever). 

I do believe we all had a blast.

The boys did what boys do and acted like Pirates – playing tailgate games, getting loud and one of our husbands who will remain nameless (but his name begins with a J and ends with an –oshua), may have shown the group some parts of his anatomy that he shouldn’t have during a boisterous game of flip-cup.
my husband is a special creature. stole this one from Michelle's post 

Michelle, Eric & Baby Wallace got some great presents ranging from Pirate onesies to a purple & gold diaper bag, and everybody ate tons of food.

I was super excited to cook a few of the recipes that I have pinned such as the football-shaped cocoa krispies and s'mores cookies.

Here is the rest of the menu: 
Football-shaped Cocoa Krispie treats
Strawberries with fruit dip
“Throw-Up” dip (just Ro-Tel, cream cheese & sausage) with Tostitos
Rollo-Pretzel Bites (pretzel + melted Rollo + pecan = delish)
Pasta Salad
S’mores Cookies
Chex Mix

I also got to be a little crafty (as you already saw from my DIY posts about the tiered tray and wreath). I made tissue paper pom-poms (in purple & gold of course) and little cupcakes out of onesies and wash cloths which I found a tutorial on from Pinterest of course. 

Pom Poms hanging from the carport

onesie cupcakes behind the football serving tray
I also opted to do a "Wishes for Baby" clothes line instead of a sign-in book for the shower. Shower guests wrote down their wishes for baby Wallace on a card then pinned it to a ribbon. I didn't come up with the idea of the "wishes" myself, once again it was a Pinterest find. However, I did decide it would be cuter to hang them on a line all by myself :)

Josh filling out his "wish" for Wallace
The boys - and some of the girls - got very creative with their wishes.

Here are some other pictures from the evening, make sure you check out Michelle's blog post too, her pics are way better than mine. 

"It's a Boy" banner

So now it's time to finish prepping for Hopey's Bachelorette Bash! Can't wait. Love being crafty AND throwing parties in honor of friends and family. So excited about our upcoming weekend in Charlotte!


  1. BEST PIRATE SHOWER(SHIT SHOW)EVER!!!!!!! I loved every little bit of it! And the J to the Oshua was not the only one showing his body parts... Mr. R to the Yan showed his behind more than once! And even my husband exposed himself countless times to me when we got home... bless their hearts! Gotta love pirates!

  2. looks like a great time!! :)

  3. What a great shower! Awesome work!
    I love it all!

  4. Absolutely love it, you did an awesome job. That's how Pirates roll! I may not live in G-Vegas anymore, but I definitely rock my purple and gold diaper bag!

  5. It looks like a wonderful time.