Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Bachelorette Weekend 2011 Part I- Herbert FELL!!

I've been such a bad blogger, but I seriously couldn't help it ya'll! Hurricanes make for a very busy time for me at work since I am in charge of communications and crisis management - not to mention we were without power/internet for like 3 days.

So, FINALLY I can tell ya'll about the epic weekend that was Hopeys bachelorette party!

It took three vehicles, but all the girls (minus Kathryn who had to be Mrs. Responsible Nurse that weekend) made it to the Omni Hotel in Charlotte around 7:00ish and we headed to Jason's Deli... only to discover that it was closed so we ate at Firehouse Subs instead.

After din-din we returned to the room for snacks.. and such.

okay, these were supposed to be pretty pom-poms that hung from the ceiling but the ceiling was too hard to hang them from, so they became bed-post decorations instead. 
pasta salad, fruit dip, blueberries, cupcake fondue....

.... puppy chow and pretzel-rollo bites

We all hung out in the room and ate food, reminisced on high school days and played a game called "He Said, She Said" where each person (except Hope) had to guess if Hope or her hubs-to-be Eric said a facebook comment/status.

Then Dana told a great story about one her students, named Herbert (yes a 2nd grader named Herbert) who is on crutches and fell on the very first day of school - needless to say we got very silly over the name Herbert and his name became the running joke for the whole weekend.

the Bride & Kat
the Bride's boobs with her button (yes I may have photo-shopped her excess cleavage - gotta keep it PG)
KG - bartender extraordinaire
probably telling us about Herbert.
The girls also got their party favors which were little personalized buckets filled with their buttons, magnetic note pads, pens, suckers, Bandaids, Shout wipes and hand sanitizer. 

the buttons.

Tomorrow, I will tell you all about Saturday/Saturday night... okay maybe not ALL about it...