Thursday, October 27, 2011

TMNT, Sawyer Style.

This past weekend, Sawyer and I visited a local Trunk or Treat and carnival at a local church and had a blast. Sawbug was Donatello, my favorite Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle (prbly because he has a purple sash).

the resemblance is uncanny right?

apparently turtles eat hay? (you'll notice my mom's hand as she swoops in to get the hay)
In case you couldn't tell, I had to make Sir Sawbug's costume since TMNT costumes don't come in infant sizes. 

And of course solid green rompers were NOWHERE in sight, so I had to buy a white one and dye it green then cover up the wording.

dying in a big silver bowl since my sink wouldn't stop up... 
painting the belly plate
rinse rinse rinse
I made the turtle shell out of a straw hat that I cut the brim off of and spray-painted brown before velcro-ing it to the back of the costume so that I could take it on and off to get Sir Sawbug in his car seat.

I also used the velcro to attach the belly piece so I could still get Sawyer in and out of his costume with the snaps.

I purchased his cute little TMNT beanie from Amlowi, a shop on Etsy for only $9.99

And the final result was the cutest Donatello ever.
He was a mighty precious ninja turtle, if I do say so myself. 


  1. wow!! You did an awesome job-so creative and he looks so adorable!!

  2. This has to be the CUTEST costume I've ever seen!

  3. Such a sweet costume!! You did a great job!