Friday, November 11, 2011

First EVER DIY Friday Link-Up

It's here!!! The first ever DIY Friday link-up!!

So, grab the button above (right click, copy Image URL then insert photo into blog) and tell  me (and other readers) what kind of DIY projects you've been crafting at lately!

Today, I am showing you my fall swag - not like my actual swag (cause you know I got swag forever, not just in the fall) - my cool over/around the door decoration for my front door inspired by the pin below.
I wanted something a lot simpler that this design since I have the leaf "E" hanging on my door, and I also wanted it to be a little longer on the sides

Here's what you need:
roll of decorative mesh
THICK burlap ribbon (or another ribbon if you want) around 4"
Another roll of thick ribbon or a chiffon type material like I used
hot glue
floral wire
leaf or berry garland
fall floral picks (I just used two)

supplies (not all of these were used)
I apologize in advance for the horrible pics, I had to use my BBerry
What You DO:

1) Start with the roll of the thick decorative mesh and bunch up the end creating a fluffed out section in the usually flat mesh. Pinch the bunched end and wrap wire around the section, twisting it a little.

2) Continue bunching, pinching and wrapping wire for the length you want your swag, I wanted mine to cover just the top of the door frame and about half way down the sides. Take burlap (or other ribbon) and wind it around the mesh so that it overlaps the places where you wrapped the wire. On the back side of the mesh, secure the burlap (or other ribbon) in place with a dab of hot glue.
I used burlap because I got 10 yards of it on sale for $4!!

3) Now take the other mesh and wrap around the mesh in the OTHER direction so that is spirals through the empty space on the mesh. Again, on the back side secure the ribbon with hot glue
I used a chiffon sash because I got a whole pack of those jokers on sale for $2 and they were the perfect color orange.

4) Using the berry or leaf garland, wind in between the ribbons and the mesh, going in and out and securing with a dab of hot glue as you go. At each end of the strand wrap the end to the mesh with floral wire. If you have berry garland it will be stiff and you can mold it to follow the shape of the mesh, if you have the leaf garland you will have to glue it down to the mesh to stay (this is why I used berry garland).

5) I then hung my swag up so that I could see where the corners would be, then pulled it back down and put the fall-themed picks through the ribbon and mesh and secured them with some wire under the ribbon.

And that's it! I just hung it up over my door and that was that. I also used the leaves and berry flowers I decided not to use and the leftover chiffon sash to make a little arrangement for the table on the porch too.

Now link on up kids! Can't wait to see how crafty you all have been.


  1. i've been looking forward to this link up. i love how your fall decor turned out..i actually like it better then the pin.

    thanks for hosting!

  2. Oh my word I love this! I have never used decorative mesh before. xo