Friday, September 30, 2011

DIY Friday: Fall Candle Holder Thingies

Hey ya'll! DIY Friday has finally made an appearance after a pretty extended absence.

After pinning several things I wanted to make for the Fall I have finally gotten around to actually doing them. I saw the below pins and REALLY wanted to make some candelabra type things but didn't really care about making tops like them in the first picture and I knew I wanted to use lots of leaves in my decor this year so I pinned the second pic that features candles with leaves tied to them. What I ended up making thought, really didn't resemble either photo/pin....

I present to you, fall candle holder type thingies:

What You'll Need
3 Glass Hurricanes (dolla sto' for sho')
Faux leaves (you can get a bag of 60 from Rite Aid for $1!)
3 Wooden Spindles
3 Wooden Plate/Bases
Little Wooden Letter
Gold-ish Paint
Black Spray Paint
Double Sided Tape

What You Do:

1.  Paint the wooden spindle things and bases.
sprayed with black spray paint
2.  Glue spindle to base with Gorilla Glue then put something heavy on top and leave over night. Go easy with the Gorilla Glue - a little goes a long way and it shows up yellow on the black when it dries so you don't want to smear it.
peanut butter & formula cans work well.

3.  Once the glue dries, glue the glass hurricane to the holders. 
4.  I added burlap to the bottom of my hurricanes to kind of hide the awkward place where the glass meets the spindle. So, I just cut strips from a burlap sack we usually use to protect the jeep doors when they're off (sorry Josh) and taped them with double sided tape to the jar. This way, I can take the burlap off if I want to decorate the hurricanes different later.

5.  Fill hurricane glasses with leaves and a candle.... or just leaves if you can't find the candles you want to use.

Put double sided tape on the back of one of the faux leaves and use it to hide the spot where the burlap ends meet.

6.  For the middle candle I painted little letters (.39 at Michael's chicka chicka yeah) that spelled "fall" and just hot glued them to the burlap.

7. Find a band-aid for where you burnt yourself with the hot glue gun then Step back and admire your handywork.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Sawbug's First Halloween

This year will be Sawyer Lang's first Halloween and I am SO excited.

My first thought was to dress Sawyer up as Yoda because he is so small and precious like the green one.
But not okay with that was Josh (yes, I just said that in Yoda grammar - get off it). And I don't think Sawyer would wear the Yoda ears hat.

Then I started thinking about the awesome super heroes I could dress him as.

But once again, Josh wasn't down.

So I thought maybe a pirate? But he'll have PLENTY of years to be a pirate....
Then I went on a cute overload and looked at lots of baby animal costumes. Really like the monkey one since we call him "monkey doodle" all the time... but I don't really want to dress him so cutesie.

So I think I have made up my mind...  He is going to be a ........

ha yeah right. ya'll have to wait until 10/31 :)

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Hello lovlies. I am linking up with Jamie @ This Kind of Love for What I'm Loving Wednesday!

(P.S. I love both "Oh, How Pinteresting" at The Vintage Apple and "WILW" so much that I have decided to alternate Wednesdays between the two - so fun.)

Today, I am lovin'....

....that fall is finally here and I can therefore breakout the boots & scarves!

...that ECU plays UNC this weekend - which I love because 1) I get to tailgate w/ friends and watch my Pirates play and 2) I FINALLY get to wear my purple corduroys that I bought way back when I first found out I was pregnant .

...that DIY Friday will finally return on my blog this Friday! See sneak peak below :)

...that it is Homecoming season at churches in the area - we go to four each year: the one at our church, Josh's home church, Josh's dad's church when he was growing up and my Mema Dean's church growing up (expect a lovely post soon about proper Homecoming etiquette.)

...and EVERYDAY I am loving my sweet Sawbug and husband.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Target Tuesday: Birthday Wish List

Good morning ya'll! Today is my 24th birthday (and also my boo Lil Weezy's b*day too). I'm linking up with Tara @ fabulous but evil. for Target Tuesday!

Here is my Target Birthday Wish List... ya'll have exactly 24 hours to get these items to me if you love me :)

Red Heels - Preferably these Mossimo platform pumps

Something Borrowed on DVD - I never got to see it in theaters but love the book.
Bridesmaids on DVD - never got to see it in the theaters either.
Purple Xhilaration silicone band watch (for games...duh).
some frames to put Sawyer's pictures in
Mossimo Cowl-Neck Sweater Dress (ya'll know how I loves me a cowl-neck)
Alright, get on it! And go link up.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Tailgate Update

Okay, yes I know I have been a terrible blogger lately. My bad yo.

But, I come today with a plethora of pictures from various Pirate tailgates that have already occurred this season yet I haven't blogged about (again, my b).

From Charlotte, NC... where we lost to USC.

b-t-dubs, my Mema made my dress from a tank top and a extra giant t-shirt.

please note how red Josh's arms are and the game hadn't even started

this giant chicken came by throwing out free koozies. pirates don't play when it comes to koozies.

Then we played our first home game on Sept. 10 and Sawyer made his tailgating debut.... but we lost to VT.
Dee, Sawbug, Me and JohnJohn

Poor Samuel had a hard time with the satellite to say the least

all tailgated out.
Pirate ladies.

1) thank you for posing laura
2) can we just take a moment to appreciate how close our tailgate lot is to the stadium!
Chris Mitchell - he's single ladies.

Just so you know, we did win against UAB this past weekend, but I was home sick and therefore have no tailgating pictures.