Friday, January 6, 2012

Do It.

I was looking back at last year's resolutions, and I am truly ashamed and how many of them I didn't follow. So, this year my #1 resolution is to actually follow through with my resolutions.

#2 Scrapbook Sawyer's first year.
I have a ton of pictures of our precious little Sawbug in my phone, on the computer, and in my office. However, I hardly have any at home to look through. So I want to put my design skills to work and make some scrapbook pages of little man's first year so we can actually look back at this year.

#3 Take steps toward grad school
East Carolina University (GO PIRATES!) has a great online grad program in English with a concentration on Professional Communications. I need that master's degree and I have got to take steps towards getting there. I need to take the GRE or MAT and also get those letters of recommendation written.

#4 Read the bible more
This was one from last year, and I really didn't do very well with it. But both Josh & I got MacArthur Study Bibles for Christmas, so I am hoping a better bible with easier to understand explanations will help.

#5 Eat more at our dining room table instead of on TV trays
Yes. We have become that family. Instead of me and Josh sitting at the dinner table with Sawyer in his high chair, we have started eating at separate times at a folding tray in front of the TV. NO MORE. I want us to eat as a family like we did when we both lived at home. This also means I will have to make more time to cook meals instead of picking up takeout, which has happened a lot since Sawyer has been such a little busy body.

#6 Work on my book
I have a million ideas in my head for books, and I have notes jotted down everywhere with chapters for different books but I need to take the time to organize my thoughts and really do it.

And as always..... lose some weight.
I cannot even write anything else about that topic. I know what to do, it's just doing it.

On tap for Monday? Re-cap of my & Josh's trip to Grove Park Inn for NYE!


  1. We're "that family" as well. We always sit at our island in the kitchen and Peyton sits in her high chair, or we just wait until 8pm to eat when she goes to bed. I need to change that.

  2. These are some really great goals, I'm sure you'll be able to tackle them this year!

    and we are so that family too..I was looking around our living room the other night and the sight of the tray tables grossed me out. We need to stop that too!

  3. Great resolutions :)
    Very attainable. You can do it!

  4. These are fantastic goals! I look forward to reading about your progress!! You can do it!

  5. hahahah we have a horrible habit of eating on the couch! i told David that we needed to use our kitchen table more often this year! HA!