Monday, January 16, 2012

Phone Photo Fun

I just found a bunch of pictures that I meant to share with you all, so I'm linking up with Savanah @ What Makes Savanah Smile and Ashlee @ On the Front Porch for Phone Photo Fun.

Sawyer got a mini tail-gate chair for Christmas and I can hardly wait for next football season for him to use it, apparently it tastes really good too. (Also, taking a picture of a hyper baby is hard, he is ALWAYS moving!)
My parents bought Joshua a cooler for Christmas so i painted it to look like the ECU football field and added some decals to the front and painted "Edmondson" on each side handle. He was so surprised and super pumped.

I bought a new rug! Because... well I can't tell you yet because that post is coming up soon, sorry!
If you follow me on Twitter you already saw this, but I set off the smoke alarm at the house the other night when I was cooking meatballs and Sookie was terrified and wouldn't come out from behind the chair, so Sawyer had to console her and wouldn't leave her side. Such a sweet boy.
The weather has been crazy in Eastern NC lately, it  is like 60 here today, but was 34 last week. Ridiculous.
Sawyer got the book "The Big Red Barn" for Christmas from our Director of Finance at work and he loves it. The bright colors and hearing me make all the animal sounds makes him laugh every time.


  1. that cooler is awesome!! :)
    so crafty!

  2. What a fun cooler! And the rug is so pretty! I want it.

  3. Hi there.. I sent you a message on your Facebook wall.. I don't know if you received it or not.. but I wanted to ask you about the ECU cooler.. I love it and so would my boyfriend for his birthday.. I wanted to see if at all possible you could make me one.. or maybe tell me how to go about making one.. I showed a lady that I know and she is VERY crafty and she said she didn't know if she could do it or not.. hope to hear from you soon! GO PIRATES!! Thank you!