Monday, February 13, 2012

Finally - A birthday tribute to Sir Sawbug

Okay, this post was supposed to be Friday, but as I said, the big guy had to spend the morning of his first birthday in the doctor's office with a nasty fever and an ear infection. So, I will be talking about my favorite guy TODAY instead (and pretending it's Friday).

A year ago my life changed forever. Not because I experienced the most painful thing in my entire existence, but because my husband and I welcomed an amazingly precious 7 lb. 14 oz. baby boy (yes almost 8 lbs even though he was 3 weeks early) named Sawyer Lang Edmondson into our world.

your first picture, one day you will kill me for showing the world this pic.

sweet sleepy baby with a little swollen face
all cleaned up in your bassinet
You can read about Sawyer's exciting adventure into the world here, but to celebrate how awesome he is, this post is going to be all about him.

Sawyer, you are quite the little handful. But a handful that me and Daddy are happy to have. You continuously amaze us as you discover new things about this world and show us new things about ourselves too. I can't even express how happy I am to have you in our lives.

So how is this first year going? well...

You are such a tubby. You will try just about anything once and if me or daddy eat something in front of you, it's ON. You HAVE to try some. But you certainly know what you like and don't like because if a food doesn't meet your approval you won't hesitate to spit it out.

your first time with food (Aug. '11)
So far your favorite foods are:
Sweet Potatoes
Bread (just like mama)
Most of those meat/gravy combos made by Gerber
PUFFS, seriously they're like baby crack
Meat sticks

However we have to force you to eat:Anything green
Anything that involves meats pre-mixed with veggies or noodles

You love to play with plastic bottles for some reason, and anything that you can bang and make loud noise with. You don't have a lot of patience for stuffed animals but you still love your blankey which was once my blankey (in fact it was my blankey up until about 10 months ago) and is a little worse for wear.

You hate being inside, but this cold weather has made it a little hard to let your outside which makes you VERY angry. 
Your favorite place
Favorite toys:
Anything you can push and walk behind
Your alphabet train
The ball tent with tunnels

Plastic Bottles
Cardboard Boxes (you're like a cat)

You and Sookie
You and Sookie are still besties. She is very tolerant when you choose to stand on her, pull her tail, chase her, splash in her water dish and you know, standard best friend things.
first time meeting each other
teasing her at the back door
Comforting Sookie when she was scared of the smoke detector..

You can walk, but you're so lazy you usually choose to crawl instead since it's quicker for you. You take steps but when you want something you usually drop down to yours knees and crawl instead since it's quicker. Don't worry, you'll get there buddy.

Sleeping Arrangements
No, you still don't sleep all night and no you don't like to sleep alone. Since you enjoyed sleeping in mommy and daddy's king sized bed so much, we recently turned your crib into a bed. So now, if you wake up during the night (which usually happens around 11:30pm-1am every night) if we can't get you calmed down we just climb in bed with you. This is probably not the best idea but you are so snuggly at night and we know one day you won't let us snuggle with you, so we're loving the time we have.
I think this is where the bad habit started (even though this is my favorite picture)

Your new big boy bed (don't worry those rails go a lot higher)

You're babbling up a storm! But you can say a few "real" words too. You are also reaching for everything.
reaching! in your precious Pirate outfit
The words (we understand) that you say the most:
Bye Bye
And while you don't say "no" you sure know how to shake that head and turn it away when you don't want something.

You haven't been measured since your 9 month appointment, I won't know how long you are until your one year checkup next Friday, but you weighed 21 lbs. Friday at the doctor (even though you feel like a solid 30).

You are wearing a 12 month in just about everything except dressier stuff where you could definitely wear a larger size.

You've had two ear infections far, but nothing else major. 

All in all, it's been a wonderful year with only a few hiccups. I am so proud to call you mine and love you more than I thought I could ever love anything in the world. Happy First Birthday Sawyer Lang!

(come by tomorrow to see pictures from his birthday party!)


  1. i think he is quite possibly the cutest little boy in the entire world!!

  2. What a sweet boy, I love this post! I hope he's feeling much better!