Wednesday, February 22, 2012

running away

Have you ever felt like just getting up from your desk chair at work, grabbing your stuff and walking OUT without looking back?

Yeah, I'm there.

This place is killing me. I want to be home in time to feed Sawyer supper for once, or maybe even get home and not be thinking about what I still have sitting on my stupid desk to do that I didn't get around to that day.

Lord, get me out of here.


  1. Girl, I hear ya! I feel like this EVER SINGLE DAY!!! hang in there. You are not alone!!

  2. Welcome to the Working Mother's Club. I feel the exact same way, everyday. At least you're lucky enough to have a support system of friends/family nearby to help, not everyone is so blessed.

  3. Yes I have been like that a lot lately. I hope things get better for both of us.