Monday, March 19, 2012

bathtime gone bad

My child looooves baths. Josh has to physically restrain him while I am filling up the tub or he will try to catapult himself into it.

Well Sunday evening after playing outside with Sookie and in his wagon, Sawyer needed a bath terribly, so into the bathroom we went.

While Sawyer was splashing around in the tub he got very still... cue the worst experience of my life.

I thought he was just being a silly bug and thinking of his next exciting move in the tub, but no. Turns out he was anticipating a giant poop.

My child pooped. In the bathtub. And smeared it all over the tub before I realized what it was.

Of course my husband was watching the Carolina game and therefore did not hear me screaming his name from the bathroom.

So, I scooped Sawyer up from the tub just as he let another little ball of baby poop fall into the tub, splashing me in the face with poopy water.

I am scarred for life.

Oh, and Sawyer? Yeah he laughed the entire time.

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