Monday, March 26, 2012

Kitchen Envy

Lately, I have been hating my kitchen.

And before someone comments, "You don't know how lucky you are to have such a nice kitchen".. yes I am aware that my kitchen is probably larger than some and that I may have more counter space than some people could dream of... it still doesn't change the fact that sometimes I hate it.

my kitchen
this is also in the middle of my kitchen to give me more space to put stuff - and yes that little brown thing in the corner is Sookie's tail
There is nothing really "wrong" with my kitchen I just wish I could change some things.

  • My counters are very narrow 
  • I don't really have a LOT of storage since we don't have a pantry my cabinets are used to hold food.
  • Don't EVEN get me started on the lack of dishwasher
  • I hate the light, it is just one fluorescent thing.

So I have been doing a little kitchen dreaming lately via Houzz - which is like Pinterest but just for house stuff (or in uglier words - House Porn). And here is what I came up with...

now THAT is an island - love that it is an island with a bar too
I like this island because of how the counter is extended over the base with table-like legs support the edges but I also love the hood on that stove.
once again, a lovely island but I like this kitchen because of the beautiful hood and  the idea of putting a chandelier in a kitchen... just not that one, it's sorta ugly.

I really like the openness of this kitchen and how while it is an almost separate area it is open to the dining room with the "window" that is also a bar area
this kitchen is seriously the most amazing thing in existence. I love the fireplace and that seat, gosh it is to.die.for.
another shot of that awesome kitchen seating
this one has storage space for days. I love that they mixed different kinds of cabinets with the glass fronts, open shelves and then regular cabinets. Not to mention they have deep drawers, thin drawers and long cabinets. They are also working that chandelier.

One thing I do love about my kitchen? The memories. Remember, my house was once my great-grandmother's (or Mammy as we called her) and I feel like she is right there cooking beside me sometimes. We had to clean years of grease and such off our cabinet to paint them and it makes me happy to think she stood over the same sink as I do. She never complained about anything - even though she cooked for a LOT more people than I do and she did so without three fingers on her right hand.
Mammy standing over the sink back in the day

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