Tuesday, July 24, 2012

I have a dream...

... and no it isn't something wonderful and selfless like world peace or equal rights (although those are wonderful things that need to happen). 

I have a selfish dream. 

I want to build/open a wedding and reception hall here in my little county. Then help plan events and make stuff for said events. 

And I don't want any old venue, I want to create a beautiful barn with rustic, but elegant decor. A place with outdoor and indoor areas, a bridal suite for the bride and her maids to get ready, a kitchen that caterers will want to use and maybe a game room where the groom and his guys can play.

And I am dead serious about this. To the point that I have been praying about it and thinking about talking to all my caterer, photography and florist friends about what they like to see in a venue.

We are so limited when it comes to places to hold receptions and weddings that don't require a good 20-30 minute drive for our family and friends here in Edgecombe County. Most of my friends have held their receptions towards the Rocky Mount side of the county or even in Greenville, which is not a problem when their grooms (or they) are from that area, but when you live more towards my end of the county, you lose a lot of your weddings guests who are older and don't want to make that trip when you a reception far from a wedding.

Most everyone gets married in their church around here, but if you want music, dancing or adult beverages - you have to find another place usually to hold your reception.

Not only that, but we have such great potential in our southern surroundings. I would love to refurbish an existing tobacco barn (which would probably cost more than actually building one) and make it into something beautiful for a wedding, party, or other event.

Thanks to Pinterest and Green Wedding Shoes, I have seen beautiful weddings held in rustic locations that either embrace the Southern way of cotton, burlap and magnolia leaves or maybe turned their barn wedding into a shabby chic or vintage affair. I would love to help people do that around here.

I die.
how precious is this with the wood beams and the greenery and lights?
So what holds me back?

Well of course the obvious, money. I would need some MAJOR fund-age to take on such a venture. 

But mainly? Fear. A family tried not too long ago to open a great farm-like reception/wedding place, that recently closed. However, I think I can see the mistakes they made and learn from them. For example, most of their stuff was outdoors, and it was literally a farm, with animals and everything... that you could smell.... and hear.

Do you have any big dreams you wish you could pursue?
and would you like to invest in mine (wink)?


  1. You know that I would go in with you 100% on your "Dream". If you are for real we can always get you in contact with Allison. She's a pro!

  2. I had/still have this same dream. We even planned for our wedding to take place in a gorgeous barn, but it was too expensive and too far from our home and all of our guests. I've wanted to run my own wedding/events business forever, but with the industry taking a downturn over the past 4 or 5 years, I sort of gave up on it. It's still been in the back of my mind, collecting dust, but I'd love to revive my passion for planning again.

  3. Oh, I hope you do it! You're young, so you have time and energy to be able to fully realize your dream! A rustic barn would make a lovely venue for a wedding!

  4. I say go for it! If I lived there I would totally use you for my future marraige!

  5. That is a wonderful dream. I hope it comes true.

  6. Dream big Lauren! This sounds like a wonderful idea. I'll add it to my prayers as well.

  7. I truly do hope your dream comes true ^^.. personally, since I'm currently at a point where I don't quite know what I want to do in the future, my only wish is to be happy :3

    xo, L