Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Blog Star: Hi, I'm Lauren.

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Mrs. Monologues

I am Lauren, an almost-25-year-old North Carolinian, Pirate, wife and mother. 
excuse the mirror pic (taken at work), I just realized I have NO solo pictures of myself.
When I say "Pirate" I don't mean like a creeper who wears a peg leg and an eye-patch, I mean a die-hard East Carolina University Pirate fan. The Saturday's of August through December are reserved for tailgating hard at Dowdy Ficklen Stadium before a game or watching an away game on television (or live if we can afford it).

I married this guy named Josh in June 2009 (after dating since January 2005).. he's a Pirate fan too.

We had a precious baby boy name Sawyer on Feb. 10, 2011 and we're raising him to be a Pirate too!

little Pirate baby - even before he was born.
Sawyer now
Josh and I both were born and raised in a very, very small town in Eastern NC and we came back to work and raise our family here. There's not much here, we only have two caution(not stop) lights where we live and have to drive 20 to 30 minutes to eat at a "real" restaurant, but I am proud to have grown up here and raise my family in the shadows of pine trees and southern grace.
my favorite wedding pic, in front of our water tower
I am christian and proud to call Webbs Chapel Baptist Church my home. My entire family attends, and grew up there. I was dedicated, raised, baptized and married there then Sawyer was dedicated there. 

I enjoy things like...

crafting and hosting parties/showers 
in the past three years with all of my friends (and me) getting married or having babies, I've had the pleasure of planning and hosting several showers and other events, and it has made me want to open my own event planning business or a place to host such things.... it's a dream that I hope will someday be a reality.
half the fun of parties is the printables and the crafting in my opinion
read more about these parties - Hope's Bach. (1, 2 & 3), Michelle & Eric's Pirate Shower, Sawyer's First Birthday and Dana & Bradley's Baby Divided Shower

shopping (and dreaming)
as my header says, I have quite the expensive taste (mainly centered around Lilly Pulitzer and similar preppy fashions) without the funds to support it 

working in the public relations/communications field
I am the public relations/communications coordinator for the system, and also the webmaster... oh and the graphic designer.. oh yeah and the fundraising coordinator, and I also design our marketing materials (a Jane of all trades if you will).

breaking it down ghetto style
I love my share of southern rock and some country, but give me some rap and a beat, and you've got a happy girl. This picture from my friend Hope's wedding sorta sums it up:
that's me with my mouth open, no doubt rapping the lyrics to "Get Low" or something.

So, read my blog, or follow me on twitter if you think I sound super cool (which you should, because I am).


  1. YAY another redhead! I wish my fiance was as into sports as your husband but sadly he is probably the only guy on the entire planet to not enjoy sports AT ALL. Ugh. Also, your baby is so cute, I kind of want to steal him and nom on his chubby cheeks :)

  2. Yeah, My baby shower invite was definitely the best out of any of the invites you've made... or maybe i'm just a little biased.

  3. That wedding picture is absolutely amazing!
    Found you through Blog Star! You have a super cute blog!! :D

  4. I love your wedding picture and the comment about being a creepy pirate, lol. Thanks for visitng my blog! I love your blog header and your outfit (the pink leggings/pants)

  5. I love your wedding picture and when you were preggo - you're so cute!! and omg baby sawyer?! Adorable! and how did I not know you were only 24? You're a baby!! haha. So glad we're bloggy friends! :)

  6. I am so glad I stumbled upon your blog from Blog Star! I can't wait to follow along and read more!

  7. Love your wedding picture! So much fun learning more about you!

  8. Sawyer is adorable!!!! I love the picture of you singing too.

  9. So happy you linked up! That picture of Sawyer is too cute for words!
    Mrs. Monologues

  10. Hey Lauren,

    I just wanted to get in contact with you because you're one of the winners in my Kiki La Rue giveaway! Send me an e-mail to fashboulevard@gmail.com and I will give you all of the info about your $50 Kiki La Rue giftcard! :)

    -Anna James

  11. I loved reading a little more about you! Sawyer is too cute! Glad you linked up!

  12. You are too cute and your son is just beautiful. :) Congratulations on a lovely family!

    And I really thought you meant Pirate - and is it weird that I was super excited?! I was expecting to see a house boat...maybe a glass eye or parrot? I mean, is that too much to ask?! ;)

    Come check out my Blog Star! :)

  13. I love that you live in a very small town. There are some really wonderful things that come from growing up in a small town. Your little boy is adorable!
    I found you through Blog Star. Have a great week!