Thursday, October 11, 2012

RIP Bubbles

Those who visit my parents' house are always instructed to never attempt to pick up/approach/talk to the small white ball of fur that is their dog, Bubbles. Not because he is fragile or we worry that you might be rough with him - but because we worry he may attack... and draw blood.

This will no longer be a worry because this morning, after fighting some heart failure and crazy wheezing and coughing for months, my mama and daddy had to make the decision to end Bubbles' suffering and put him to sleep. 

Bubbles, who is a 4 lb. Maltese, was once a sweet little puppy who skipped instead of walked and leaped instead of ran. When he was a puppy, he resembled a Wooky /E-Wok (from Star Wars) so I have always called him "Wooky". The below picture isn't actually the little monster, but it looks JUST like he did as a puppy.
Sixteen years later.... He is a cranky old man. Bubbles started being vicious shortly after he came home. He decided that he was my mother's ONLY child and if my sister or I tried to approach her, it was on.

Bubbles especially hates my little sister. If he hears a noise on the stairs, he automatically assumes it's Deanna coming down from her bedroom and immediately begins to growl. Mama had to literally throw the comforter over him in the mornings in order for Deanna to enter my parents' bedroom.

Even my and Josh's Brittany Spaniel, Mac Daddy was terrified of the little terror. While Mac outweighed Wooky by 70 lbs and was at least 2 feet taller, he would bow down to Bubbles and avoid any eye contact.
As he's gotten older, Bubbles got even more stubborn.

For the last three years, Bubbles has had to go stay at my Papa's house because he can't be left alone in my mama and daddy's new house because if he has free reign he tears things to pieces trying to get out OR if he is restrained in a crate he hurts himself trying to bite his way out or bites himself. It's sad.

However, my mother is distraught over the loss of her dog, even if it is a little monster he was her little monster. So be thinking of her as she not only deals with my Mema being in the hospital but also having to put down her dog. 

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  1. So sorry about the puppy, even though he wasn't a puppy anymore. It is so sad to part with your dogs, I feel for your parents.

    They are like part of the family, no?