Tuesday, November 13, 2012

is it just me?

does anyone else close their eyes while a page is loading on the computer and tell yourself that it will be finished when you look?

have you ever tried to clean your closet then totally convince yourself that you will be able to wear those skinny jeans again some day even if they are 3 sizes smaller than what you wear now?

does anyone else HAVE to have popcorn if you smell someone else eating it?

is it just me, or do other people walk into Hobby Lobby for just for a jar of modge podge only to walk out an hour later with a cart full of crafty things?

is there anything you do that you wonder if other people do too?


  1. OMG I bought new fall purple pants in a size 10 (my CURRENT size) and they are so tight. I need to lose weight again...I feel like a stuffed eggplant.

  2. Yes and yes on the last 2 for sure!! I've gotten rid of ALL smaller clothes. Ain't no way that's happening again. At least not for a while so why torture myself?! haha

  3. Absolutely...especially the popcorn thing. I'm convinced they put crack in it so you HAVE to have some when you smell it!

  4. Omg....I really thought I was the only one who closed my eyes while the page was loading and hoping it would be done when I opened. Kinda like the whole going to the bathroom at a restaurant and hoping your food will be there when you come out...haha!

  5. Haha I do the same thing with my computer. And sometimes (okay all the time) I move the mouse around really fast while something is loading. Like that will encourage it or something! :)