Friday, November 2, 2012

what day is it?

I am crawling out from under the pile of work on my desk and the stacks of boxes at my house to let ya'll know I'm still alive.

officially ours!
The move went fine Tuesday afternoon, despite the misty rain and cold. We closed at 2 p.m. so we moved all our stuff inside by around 7 p.m. before stopping for a quick bite of take-out Mexican food.

We just concentrated on getting everything in the house and putting the TVs where they needed to be since the Dish Network guy was coming the next day. But first priority? Making sure our bed was set up and ready to sleep in that night, we were exhausted.

Comforter from ZGallerie and Pillows from HomeGoods and World Market
Yesterday our furniture got delivered and out locks got changed so now we are just waiting for the guy from Lowes to come measure for our plantation blinds... which means we have big open windows except in our bedroom and bathroom (which have super classy-looking sheets over the windows).

(that thing in the black plastic is a shelf going over the couch)
Our first priority might have been the bed, but our second was to make sure people knew this was a Pirate household - up went the wreath, Pirate marker and yellow flower pot on the front porch! arrghhh

I can hardly wait to hang all our pictures and art and such and make some gallery walls in the kitchen and entry way - promise to post pics!


  1. Yaay! I'm so glad y'all are in your new casa. It looks totally adorable from what I can tell. I can't wait to see more pics!!

  2. I am glad the move went well.