Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas 2012

As I've said before, having a large family on both sides makes for quite the hectic day on Christmas, but we know how extraordinarily blessed we are to have so many family members and friends to celebrate with.

Sawyer made Christmas so much more exciting this year since he understood more what it really is. He got three big ticket items this year, a grill, kitchen set and tool bench and he has been working and cooking away since Christmas morning!

Here a few pictures from our Christmas 2012 adventures...

drilling up a storm!
When I asked Sawyer to open his other presents he kept saying "No Mommy, I working". Silly boy.

After our house we ventured to Josh's parents' house...

opening up his grill set

getting a raspberry from Granddaddy
Joshua opening his gifts
new monogrammed tailgate chair 
Then after their house we went to my parents' house...

cooking up something on his new kitchen set.

Sawyer, Josh, Me, my sister, mama and daddy
Then after my parents' house we went to my Mema's house! We were all so happy that Mema was able to come home for good from the assisted living rehab center.

all the grandchildren, one great-grand kid and grandchildren-in-law with Mema
this is my favorite, Sawyer got a hold of Deanna's hair mid picture, gotta love it.
opening up his presents 
and just because it is too precious, how adorable is my cousin Donald's new hound puppy, Sadie?!

After my mema's we headed to Josh's grandparents' house for supper and to open more gifts!

What a wonderful season, I hope ya'll's Christmas was absolutely amazing too and that you all have a happy new year!

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  1. Love the tailgate chair!! That is such a good idea for a present, I'll have to remember that one.