Friday, May 25, 2012

southern bound

Hey ya'll, yes I know ya'll have probably already forgotten I exist, my bad.

But, I am taking an entire week off next week as my family (and when I say family I mean, me, Josh, Sawyer, Mema, Mama, Big Mark, Dee and John-John) heads to Hilton Head Island, SC for our annual vacay so I am going to try to get some blogging done since babysitters will be a plentiful and it is supposed to rain some, so I may have some down time during the day.

I can't wait to tell ya'll about the other parts of my Europe trip that I never had time to divulge and a few other fun things going on in our lives.

Miss ya'll a bunch!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

what's up?

I am going to try to get back to actual blogging soon considering that I still haven't blogged about the rest of my trip, sorry guys. But I am going to dump a few pictures on here just you know what all's been going on lately in the my busy life.

We went to the Zac Brown concert May 11 with our tailgate crew to celebrate Josh's b*day a little early.
I love sitting on the lawn at Walnut Creek, who cares if you are close or not, as long as you can hear the music!
Hopey & me
Don't you like how you can see the shadow of our friend Chris who took the picture haha
me and Hope again
LP, Kate & Me
getting dark!
there he is!
I just realized I didn't get a picture of the whole group #sadface. We had 11 people which was basically our tail gate crew + Josh's little brother, Jordan.

By the way, I ended up ordering a precious dress from Asos which I EXPRESS shipped but didn't arrive in time, so I ended up with the Target one I originally had instead.
presh right?, too bad Asos sent it so late. 

Then we celebrated Mother's Day with our families
my amazing mema and mama, me & Dee
Daddy and Sawyer
already gettin' gangsta'
Sawyer and his daddy 
me and the Sawbug
Sawyer had a great time opening and closing the door to the porch and scaring everyone by climbing up the steps

Other than that my life has been FULL of work. We got Accredited as a school system, which took a load off my plate, and Relay, Artsplosion & Gold Key awards are basically over so now I just have the Retirement Banquet and some end of the year stuff left as the "big things" at work.  Hope you all have a happy hump day!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

HELP, fash emergency

I interrupt my scheduled post about day 4 of my trip because of a fashion emergency.

Okay, well that may be a little bit of an over-statement because I have like a week and a half still, but I really do have a sort-of emergency. We are going to see the amazing Zac Brown in concert next weekend at the Time Warner Cable Music Pavillion at Walnut Creek (shout-out to the amazing Sarah for helping me out with my ticket situation) and I have NOTHING to wear.

love these guys
Okay, the whole "nothing to wear" may be a slight exaggeration too, but I kinda already bought two dresses, but I can't decide if I like either one of them.

I usually like to wear a dress to concerts that are outside because they are MUCH cooler than a pair of jeans or t-shirt and since I'm sure I'll be dancing up a storm I definitely need to not be hot. However, I don't want to be dressy either and they cannot be too short since we'll be sitting on the ground and I don't want to give away all my secrets.

I got the two below from Target & Urbanog but I've got a few issues.
Mossimo Women's Elastic Waist Dress w/ Ruffle Cascade at Target
This dress is really cute and I like the print, and would LOVE to pull it off with a cute gold belt and my gold Jack Rogers (I can't pull off the cowgirl boots, trust me I've tried) but it is a little hot since it's polyester. Not to mention it is borderline too short.

"Geo Daydream" dress at Urbanog (on sale for $15.70!)

I got this awesome dress on sale at Urbanog and while it is precious, it is also a little bare up top. I will have my jean jacket but I once again don't want to be hot and wearing a jacket = too hot. 

I really wanted a soft floral dress or a lacy dress that is a-line (and not too dressy) to wear, but couldn't find any under $50. So here is where you come in. Have you seen any dresses that would be great for an outdoor concert in 90 degree weather? 

not TOO short (like 33" long from shoulder to hem or longer)

no 3/4 sleeves, short sleeves or shorter, but as the same time not too bare

nothing strapless, can NOT be dealing with that possible dilemma

nothing made from chiffon

nothing straight, like a shift (helllooo hips)

please help!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Euro Adventure - Day 3

On day 3 of our Euro Trip, we had a FREE DAY, well part of us did any way, the Canadian group and the folks from the other NC group had booked an excursion to Pompeii, but not only I've ridden the ride "Escape from Pompeii" at Busch Gardens, so I'm good.

the RIDE, probably not quite as accurate as the excursion would have been.
Our tour guide gave us what he thought were "easy" instructions on how to get back to Central City in Rome, and he'd taken us by the Trevi Fountain and the Spanish Steps briefly the day before, so we hopped a bus and hoped for the best.... sadly we didn't hope hard enough. We got a little turned around and spent a good hour and a half just walking around a random part of Rome. Everyone we asked for directions just gave us dumb looks, even though I am fairly certain they spoke English and were just being mean.

Once we finally got to the fountain, we split up and shopped around, but not until we each through a quarter in the fountain first so we'd be sure to come back to Rome one day as the legend goes.

the famous Trevi Fountain

Lindsey & Dustin tossing their quarters into the fountain
Now comes the moment when I discuss trying to find a place to pee in a foreign country. My friends, it is difficult. For example, you don't just waltz into a place to use their bathroom. You need to BUY something. and in some places, you have to pay just to use it. 

Then you never know what you may find in the "bathroom". We used the toilet featured below a LOT because it was right beside the fountain, located inside a "farmacia" which had plenty of cheap candy we could buy then use the rest room. 
You'll notice that there is no toilet seat. You had to squat, there was no choice. Also because of the tight quarters, your leg had to touch that nasty trash can to the left. Yuck.

Shops at the base of the Spanish steps, notice Dior, Missoni and  Prada
the Steps, oh yeah, the Boot LOVED those
looking down from the steps, there were people EVERYWHERE

taking a break from being lost while trying to find our restaurant
eating dinner
This is where things got tricky. Let me explain first that EF Tours books our dinners way in advance since we all eat dinner together as a group each night. Well, on this particular evening we arrived at our restaurant early because we had been on our own, but the tour guide and the rest of the big group that were at Pompeii got there just a little late. Well homey that owned the place was FREAKING OUT about us being there so long so he started snatching up our food then our waters then our tablecloths right off the table in front of us. Finally we took a hint and just left.

This day was also the day I decided I could no longer rock the boot. My hip hurt worse from hiking the boot up and my step being so uneven than my my ankle did. So I just wrapped it crazy tight and hoped for the best.