Wednesday, January 2, 2013

brag letters

I don't know about all of ya'll but every year around Christmas I can hardly wait to go through the Christmas cards at my parents' house from some of their friends to read the brag update letters that are sent along with some of the cards.

Some of them are truly nice update letters about what is going on in that particular family's life and exciting things they've done that year while others are about how their kids are better than your kids, their vacations are divine and how they had a personal massage session with a famous person (okay, that's a bit of a stretch, but you get the gist).

Well this year, I decided to send out a letter with our New Years Cards (which I totally need to send out...) that is about stuff that happened this year. The main focus of the letter needed to be that we moved and why we moved and such, so I tried my hardest to make it not be a "brag" letter...

Here's our card (with a few edits to protect some stuff):

and our letter:

We’ve had a busy, busy year in the Edmondson household!

Sawyer turned one in February and seems to grow a foot each day. He thoroughly enjoys anything having to do with Old McDonald, farms, or animals and is usually singing “E I E I O” as often as he can. Santa brought him a tool bench, kitchen set, and grill so he is cooking and working up a storm.

Josh was named the new Planning Director for _______in September and is adapting well to his new position. Because of his new title, the family had to relocate to the ____city limits. We were so blessed (and surprised) when our home in Macclesfield sold exactly four days after the “For Sale by Owner” sign went up in the yard. While we hated to leave the home that we spent so much time renovating, we found a beautiful home in _____that also recently underwent an extensive remodel and we are already settled in to life in “the city”.

Lauren is still at ______________ serving as their Communications & Community Relations Coordinator. Her favorite part of the move into town is getting those extra 30 minutes of sleep in the morning! Her second favorite part was of course getting to craft and decorate the new place.

Lauren and Josh still enjoy tailgating and attending ECU football games in the fall (thanks to both sets of grandparents who are happy to watch Sawyer on those days).

We hope that 2013 is full of more blessings for our family, as well as for you and yours.

Wishing you a wonderful new year,
Josh, Lauren & Sawyer Edmondson

What about ya'll do you have those letters you look forward to reading each year to see just how "braggy" some people can be?


  1. I LOVE getting to my parent's for Christmas to look at the cards/letters! Nine times out of ten the letters are SUPER braggy, like look at how many vacations we went on! Look at our son who graduated with honors! Makes me laugh! Yours was not braggy at all :)

  2. Love this letter! I thought it was exactly what a letter should be! I hate those "braggy" letters! We also got one this year that went WAY too political, and that was totally uncalled for in a holiday letter!

    And, I'm so sorry I haven't responded to your comment about the Food Truck Rodeo until now, but I am so pumped for y'all! You are going to LOVE it! It is so much fun and so delicious! We are so bummed to be out of town that weekend! I'll look forward to hopefully reading your post about it!