Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Josh's Surprise Weekend: Part 1

Good morning everyone! I am going to break Josh's "surprise" weekend down into two posts since I have about 985.5 pictures from the actual Food Truck Rodeo, so here goes part one!

We left Friday afternoon at 1 p.m to head to Durham, in attempts to beat the nasty sleet and snow that was set to head our way.... we should have left earlier. The usual 1.5 hour trip took us 3.5 hours. Traffic on the highway was at a stand still and saw so many wrecks we quit counting.

Every bit of ice that fell hit my windshield and froze, so we had the heat on full blast but the windows partially down since it was so hot from the heat.  I was an absolute nervous wreck just watching Josh drive.

Because of the nasty weather, Revolution, the restaurant we had reservations for, decided to close early and called to ask us to come in earlier - however we were so terrified of getting back out we just canceled. I was very disappointed, but just too scared to think about getting back on the highway in the dark.

Once we finally got to the hotel, we slid into a park and checked in before walking to dinner at Tripp's since it was right in the hotel parking lot.
the hotel skating rink parking lot
Josh's mom sent us a great picture of Sawyer's first "snow/ice" experience while we were waiting for our food, here he is eating some ice (he told his Mimi, "too cold to my tongue").

After dinner, we watched Ted (not impressed) and I painted my nails (so exciting).
I don't think this the usage the hotel had in mind when they put lap desks in your room..
Luckily, the ice had melted a bit by Saturday morning so we ventured to the nice mall in Durham, Streets at Southpoint to find a few things for Sawyer's birthday and see Gangster Squad.  We had plans to go to Watt's Grocery, but those changed too since the movie times were a little weird Saturday and it made no sense to drive downtown for lunch before driving back uptown for the movie. 

This is seriously the only picture we took together all weekend. And it's blurry. Story of my life.
heading out
The poor little children statues in the fountain at Southpoint were covered in ice, check out homegirl's little ice dress:

I loved Gangster Squad! It had great writing and some major tear-jerker parts. Not to mention staring at Ryan Gosling busting people up is always nice. 

We traveled downtown to the Tobacco District in Durham and looked around for a bit after the movie before grabbing some dinner at Mellow Mushroom. We figured a lighter dinner would be better since we'd be eating all day long on Sunday.

The buildings are so cool in the district, offices there range from corporate relations for Duke University to PR firms and there are several restaurants throughout the buildings. It is also where the Burt's Bees headquarters is!

the courtyard at the Lucky Strike Building
the Lucky Strike water tower
The only thing I really enjoyed at Mellow Mushroom? My awesome Mushroom Tea. Can't go wrong with Firefly my friends.

Tomorrow: pictures of my husband stalking UNC players.... and the Food Truck. 


  1. Next time you're out at the Tobacco District, hit up Tyler's (across from Mellow Mushroom)...it's awesome!

  2. I am glad y'all had fun even with all the icy weather.