Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Tuesday's are better when you get awards

Sweet Mrs. Kaitlyn over at Put a Bow On It nominated me for a Liebster Award! Thank you so much dear!

The rules are:
  1. You must post 11 random things about yourself.
  2. Answer the questions that the nominator set for you.
  3. Create 11 questions for the people you nominate.
  4. Choose 11 blogs you love (with less than 200 followers) and link them in your post.
  5. No tag back, but leave a comment on this post with the URL to your Liebster post so I can learn more about you!

So, 11 random things about me...
1. I have a LOT of birthmarks, only three are in places that the average person can (or should see). When I was little, they thought I had a disease called "cafe au lait" which basically means you have more than 5 "spots" that are greater than 5mm before puberty or more than 15mm after puberty.... but one of the symptoms is stunted growth, and at 5'9 I am thinking no growth was stunted around here. I just blessed with several birthmarks. 

2. I can not stop myself from dancing when the song "Copperhead Road" comes on. It's a problem. (Don't know the Copperhead Road line dance? Well you need to learn it, because it's awesome, see here)

3. I wrecked two Isuzu Rodeo's in the snow, once in 2004 and once in 2009. Luckily neither time was I hurt, however I no longer drive in the snow (thank God I live in Eastern NC where snow is rare). 

4. I adore dorky sci-fi, superhero and action movies. In fact, I'd rather see a good "super hero" or "things blowing up" movie over a romantic comedy most days (unless that romantic comedy features Ryan Reynolds, yum). 

5. I am slightly allergic to crab... but it is also my favorite thing to eat. So if you take me out to eat seafood, I will be sleepy the entire time because I have to pop a Benadryl to avoid swelling up and itching. #worthit. 

6. I am scared of little people. I wish I wasn't, because it is so silly, but I am so very scared of them for no reason at all. 

7. I had to have my wedding band and diamond cut off my finger in 2011 because my blood pressure got super high - it just about broke my heart (read here). Thank god for great jewelers who can put things back together. 

8. I transferred high schools after 11th grade. I left the SUPER small private school I attended for 9th and 10th grade to return to the public school system in which I grew up. I also transferred from UNC-Wilmington to East Carolina University after my freshman year of college. 

9. Nothing relaxes me more than driving down back country roads, windows down, music up and nowhere to be. 

10. My mom is a pharmacist, my dad is a physician assistant and my sister is pre-med.... I am in communications. I am a black sheep and I am totally cool with it. 

11. Lil Wayne is my homie. We even share a birthday. 

Now on to Kaitlyn's questions:
  1. What is your favorite movie? I am a movie lover, so this is SO hard for me. My favorite older movie will always be "Almost Famous" Kate Hudson is flawless and Billy Crudup OWNS his character.
  2. Thoughts on Twilight? Liked the movies, loved the books but I took them for what they are, some people flip because it wasn't a well developed romance and was un-healthy relationship for two teenagers... seriously? It's FICTION people. 
  3. Mac or PC? Both. I have a PC and iPad for work, but I must say I hate that Mac won't just suck it up and allow Adobe stuff.
  4. What do you want to name your first child? I have a first chlid already and his name is Sawyer Lang. Sawyer after my favorite book as a child (The Adventures of Tom Sawyer) and Lang after my Papa's middle name (which is from his mother's maiden name, Langley). 
    that's him, making a note so happy face...
  5. What is your go-to drink when out? Usually anything with Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka OR if it's a legit bar type thing just cranberry-vodka.
  6. Ski or snowboard? I have actually never done either! But with my lack of coordination I think ONE board versus two boards and two poles would be better for me.
  7. Who do you cheer for during football season? (College & NFL!) The East Carolina University Pirates!!! arrrghhh
    at one of the games this season
  8. What is your dream job? I would love to be an events coordinator and own my very own reception/party hall kind of thing, I did a whole post about it here
  9. What is your real job? I am the Communications & Community Relations Coordinator for a school district (read about that here)
  10. How many kids do you want? I have one, but I think we may have another.. we'll see.
  11. What does your dream house look like? Like a combo of these things:
    front porch for days and a craftsman style over-hang
    Now on to supplying my folks with questions....
1. What is one decision you've made in the past that always makes you say "what if I'd gone the other way"?
2. What is your go-to comfort food?
3. What is your favorite "windows-down, music-up, just driving" song?
4. What is the furthest place you have ever traveled?
5. If you had money to splurge on ONE item you really wanted, what would that item be?
6. Have you ever had to stay in the hospital for one more than one night?
7. Who would play you in a movie about your life?
8. If there was a soundtrack for your life, who'd be on it?
9. What is the most embarrassing thing you've ever done (or had done to you) in public?
10. If you had to move to another city today, where would you want to go?
11. Name one goal you want to accomplish this year.

And now for the nominees......


  1. I laughed so hard I almost spit out my coffee at your twilight comment. SHe wasn't trying to change the world and make girls boy crazy with the book!

    Copperhead Road is my JAM. I got so into it at my wedding that I broke my bustle. Whooops!

  2. Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka sounds delicious! I might have to make a run to BevMo to find some!

  3. So I feel like the world's worst blogger (and person) because I am JUST now seeing this!! But THANK YOU!! I'm gonna write my post ASAP. I've been so out of the loop since school started back and I felt like I missed out on a ton of stuff and apparently I did! Never taking a hiatus like that again, no matter how crazy school gets. Haha, thanks again Lauren!! :)