Friday, February 22, 2013

lower your hemlines!

Dear Fashion World:

Hi, I'm Lauren and I am 5'9. Yes, I realize that is not the "average" height, however I am also a paying costumer to too many several stores that do not makes dresses and skirt I can wear.

Why, you may ask?

Because while I enjoy showing off a beautiful dress or skirt, I do not enjoy showing off my booty and other business. Sadly, most of your skirts/dresses are so short that I wouldn't even be able to sneeze without sharing my bits with the whole world.

Therefore I beg you, please, please, please, please for the love of God lower your hemlines.

Guess what?! If they are a little too long for people they can be hemmed, but if they're too short for others it's not like we can add fabric to it.

Like this precious little polka-dotted number from Red Dress Boutique..
via Red Dress Boutique
And even my favorite Miss Lilly Pulitzer tends to leave little to the imagination when it comes to length..
via Lilly Pulitzer
and one of my favorite shops, Tobi...
via Tobi
And don't even get me started on Forever 21 dresses, woof.

And on that topic, can we discuss how some stores have gorgeous pants in tons of beautiful colors like teal, lime, maroon and red but don't offer any colors but gray, black and khaki in talls and petites (see it's not just about the taller people)?!

My beloved New York & Company with all its amazing work (and casual) clothes has beautiful pants in a wide variety of colors for the "average" costumer....

But wait... no "Ultimate Coral" or "Caribbean Blue" for you taller/smaller people!

So designers, let's think about the non-average people in the world when we start making things! k, thanks, bye.


  1. I'll give you some of my extra fabric I have to take off! I would much rather have that problem. My sister is super tall and she has your problem ALL the time.

    Lilly has been getting rather short lately!

  2. Forever 21 is definitely for teens I think. My stepdaughter has this issue because she has long legs. The only thing I can suggest is getting something long and then getting it adjusted to the length you desire. I have the opposite problem here in that I am 5'2" so things are usually too long on me.

  3. Wahh I have the opposite issue. I am only 5'2 but I don't purchase a single thing I don't have to hem. It gets expensive!

  4. 5'3" here so I have to get everything hemmed.. Even worse is when I'm buying from a plus size line, I guess the designers assume if you're a size 18, you're also 5'10". So not the case obviously. lol

  5. I have the opposite problem because I'm only 5'3" but Lilly has been getting shorter and shorter!!

  6. girl, at 5'7" (with super long legs) I feel your pain. Ugh.