Thursday, March 21, 2013

Prom and Poor Decisions

Can we talk for a second about prom? 

I loved it. The sequins, getting my hair and makeup done, having a reason to get my nails done (even though I knew they'd be ruined the very next week during soccer practice) and the dancing (homegirl likes to shake it). 

But I look back at these pictures and I cringe. Don't let the post title fool you, I didn't do anything super regretful on Prom night like OD on Ecstasy or get a DUI, I committed a crime much worse...I wore gross dresses. 

I had the perfect opportunity to get an awesome, all expense paid dress just once a year, and I blew that chance on THESE things? sigh, so young, so dumb.

Let's discuss this.

Freshman Year 2002 at Greenfield, went with my friend Matt. 
Wore a pretty, pretty princess dress in "the perfect shade of ice blue", I legit remember saying that phrase. It had crinoline and I wore an extra crinoline slip underneath. Surprisingly enough, that dress got worn by two other girls to two other proms and a pageant.

Sophomore Year 2003 at Greenfield, went with my friend Kevin
My "race flag" dress (as my lovely father put it). EVERYone wore black & white that year, so I wanted to also (because dressing alike was cool I guess?) and this is what I landed on. #sad

Junior Year 2004 at SouthWest, went with then boyfriend Clay
This dress was horrible. The back was completely gone, it weighed a ton and those miniscule straps cut into my shoulders like a knife. It was a last minute choice when I couldn't find a single dress I liked.

Check the back (also, please don't even comment on my hair, twas a disaster)

Senior Year 2005 at SouthWest, went with then boyfriend, now husband, Josh.
This was my favorite dress EVER. While it was a little scandalous with it's big cutout in the middle, it was just so me then. It didn't have a ton of sequins, and it was long enough for me to wear real heels (and my date was tall enough for them, one of the reasons I married him haha). This dress also got borrowed by someone else to wear to a Marine Ball.

What were your prom dresses like?


  1. This is AMAZING. So much glitter. Also, butterfly clips FTW!

  2. love your Senior prom dress!! My junior prom dress was full on Cinderella (like if you've ever seen the Alfred Angelo Cinderalla WEDDING gown? That was mine but pale pink) haha. It was so heavy and even though it looked pretty, it was so obnoxious to wear!

  3. Oh my gosh I am laughing so hard at the hair junior year. But I know for SURE that it was super in style back then and tons of girls were jealous of you.

  4. hahaha this is great. And especially the junior year hair... I know you said not to comment on it, but how can we not?! :)

  5. Hahaha this is great!! I only went to one prom and my dress was a little scandalous! But I was obsessed with the color, royal blue, so I begged my mom to buy it for me. I wish I had an excuse to wear a fancy dress every year again!

  6. I am so extremely sad to say that I never went to a prom. I was single for every prom except my senior year, and my boyfriend was in the military and couldn't come home for prom my senior year. I went to a homecoming formal my sophomore year (I can't even remember what I wore), and I went to a winter ball my senior year, where I wore a strapless black velvet dress. It looked good, but I was too self conscious to wear a strapless dress in front of people, so I was embarrassed and slouching the whole night. Good times.

  7. ohhh greenfield days! hah I am loving that hot pink dress!!! and I'm pretty sure my sophomore year prom dress looked a lot like the first pretty princess one lol!

  8. Love this post! I think I will share mine next week. I had some interesting ones.

  9. I had one beaded dress and boy was it heavy. I had one very classic one that has been worn many times even by a friend in the Miss Ole Miss pageant

  10. This made me giggle. I hate looking back at old dress choices. At least you looked smokin' hot in all of them! :)

  11. Bahaha I hated my senior prom dress like the hour after I put it on. The hatred has only grown looking through old pictures over the years. Ugh.