Friday, March 8, 2013


This is a mighty random post, but this week, for the first time in about 5 years, I had someone notice my scar on my neck and ask me about it. This made me realize that I have never shared it, and the story behind it, with my blog world.

excuse the weird pose, it's hard to smile when you have your neck titled like that haha

The white spot on my cheek and that rectangular patch of speckled white under my neck/chin are hardly noticeable, so I was surprised when one of my newer coworkers even noticed them.

The explanation behind those spots is pretty simple. Basically, I fell on an oven door when I was around 3 years old.

However, it is must more interesting when I tell the whole story.

It was early 1991 (therefore I am sure I was dressed in a frilly dress with matching lace-topped socks and a giant bow of some kind) and the entire family is at my Mema Dean's house for Sunday lunch.

My first cousin Carla and I were playing around the kitchen when one of our mothers told us to sit down because Mema was pulling biscuits (yum) out of the oven.

Here is where the story gets different.

SOME of my family says that me and Carla did not listen and I ended up running into the kitchen where I fell onto the piping hot oven door.

others say...

Me and Carla sat down on the stool in the kitchen and Carla dumped me on to the door (thanks cuzo).

Either way, I fell face-first onto the door with my right cheek, chin and neck taking the brunt of the fall.

I was very, very blessed that I had very minimal scarring, but I got to wear a lovely netting over most of my face which my mother chose to adorn with a hair ribbon (thanks mama).

And my folks wrapped up my pooh bear's head with the netting too, that way we could be twinsies.

All that's left from the incident is a small little patch of white beside my mouth (that makeup usually covers) and a longer white, pock-marked patch under my chin. Praise god I wasn't hurt worse or left with anything more noticeable.

Do you have scars with stories?


  1. Awww glad it wasn't worse!! How scary for your parents!! I have a scar on my knee from running my bike into a fire hydrant haha.

  2. This must have been so scary when it happened! But the pictures of you in the bandages are adorable, and how sweet that they wrapped up Pooh!!

  3. Oh my goodness you poor thing! That definitely could've been a lot worse and so glad it wasn't. You do look super freaking cute in the netting though!! ;)

    I have a scar about 2" wide on my right cheek but it's pretty light nowadays and hard to see it when I have makeup on. I was 4 years old and was jumping on my bed, entertaining my baby brother when I fell off and busted open my cheek on the corner of my night stand. Yikes. Also I have a big scar on my neck from thyroid surgery. I actually really like scars - they add character ;)

  4. I love how they wrapped up your pooh bear too! I used to figure skate and totally ate it on a jump and busted my head on the ice then had to get 6 stitches right on my eyebrow. it's less noticeable now but the lady that does my eyebrows always mentions it lol

  5. Crazy that someone noticed your scars! And I love that your parents wrapped up your Pooh Bear's head, too. So sweet! When I was about 2 or 3, I was trying to help my mom make oatmeal. She told me to go sit at the table when it was time for the hot water, but I didn't listen and ended up knocking the bowl of boiling water down the front of my stomach. I still have a very faint scar on my stomach from the burn.

  6. oh my gosh - I totally didn't even notice that today! but that is sooo cute about the pooh bear twinsies! :)

  7. I'm glad you were okay! And that's so sweet they put netting on Pooh too!